Banned by Adwords – How To Open A New account?

The last weeks have been a real nightmare. After I got banned from AdWords, my business came to a standstill. I was under so much pressure I even had to take some antidepressant drugs. I spend two years of my life building this company.


I spend two years of my life building this company; suddenly from one day to the other I was facing the serious threat of losing my business forever because AdWords suspended me.

I tried to open new Adwords accounts about 6 times. Based on my online research in all different kind of forums I deleted my cookies, used new credit cards and changed my name. Every time I completed the registration, I was monitoring the status of my ads all the time. However, they Ads just would not show even after a couple of days. I contacted AdWords support , and they just explained to me in a short email that my account has been suspended indefinitely, without going into any details. How cruel is that? Adwords bans accounts, without even telling you.

I did a lot of research online how to get back on Adwords, I also read different eBooks that promised to offer a solution for AdWords Banned customers. However, the author of ‘Get AdWords Unbanned’ Peter Bergmann seems to understand the technology AdWords is using to ban customers best.

My AdWords ban situation was very unique. I was surprised by the level of support the Author of this guide gave me. It never took him longer than 12 hours to reply my emails. I thought I would never be able again to advertise on Google again, I could almost not believe when my Ads were live again.

I think the solution will only work for people who really follow this guide step by step. If you leave one step out, you will get banned again.

The only negative thing would be the price. However, I am back in business so the investment I did withGet AdWords Unbanned‘ definitely paid off.

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