Banned by Adwords – How to open a new account?

The last weeks have been a real nightmare. After I got banned from AdWords, my business came to a standstill. I was under so much pressure I even had to take some antidepressant drugs. I spend two years of my life building this company.

I spend two years of my life building this company; suddenly from one day to the other I was facing the serious threat of losing my business for ever, because AdWords suspended me.

I tried to open new Adwords accounts about 6 times. Based on my online research in all different kind of forums I deleted my cookies, used new credit cards and changed my name. Every time I completed the registration, I was monitoring the status of my ads all the time. However, they Ads just would not show even after a couple of days. I contacted AdWords support , and they just explained to me in a short email that my account has been suspended indefinitely, without going into any details. How cruel is that? Adwords bans accounts, without even telling you.

I did a lot of research online how to get back on Adwords, I also read different eBooks that promised to offer a solution for AdWords Banned customers. However, the author of ‘Adwords Ghost’ Peter Bergmann seems to understand the technology AdWords is using to ban customers best.

My AdWords ban situation was very unique. I was surprised by the level of support the Author of this guide gave me. It never took him longer than 12 hours to reply my emails. I thought I would never be able again to advertise on Google again, I could almost not believe when my Ads were live again.

I think the solution will only work for people who really fallow this guide step by step. If you leave one step out, you will get banned again.

The only negative thing would be the price. However, I am back in business so the investment I did withAdwords Ghost‘ definitely paid off.

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How AdWords Destroyed My Ecommerce Business

AdWords is a Google advertising system which lets advertisers bid on particular keywords if they want their clickable ads to appear in Google search results. It lets advertisers to choose where their ad will appear and it lets them set a budget that is comfortable for them. You have no minimum spending commitment and you can pause or stop anytime.


Google AdWords can be really good advertising plays but only if you know how to use it. Understanding the way how Google AdWords work is really hard and they have a lot of terms and conditions that you have to follow if you do not want to get banned. Continue reading How AdWords Destroyed My Ecommerce Business

Important Tips on How to Avoid Google Adwords Ban

Google is regarded as the king of search engines. It is the best place where you can get an amazing a large number of traffic for your website.


This makes people do anything in order to find themselves among the top pages of Google search results. Google is always looking for ways to remove any sites that seem to spam the users.

Continue reading Important Tips on How to Avoid Google Adwords Ban

Google Adwords Bans Beach Accessories Website

Yesterday was the best day this month, yet today, nothing. I guess that’s business sometimes. Hopefully the waves are pumping. I can always spend the morning surfing, then come back in and check orders again at lunch time.


A few hours later. Sweet, what a great morning that was. I will go and check orders again, and get on with fulfilling them this afternoon. What, still no orders. Something isn’t right here. I better check things after lunch and figure out what’s happening. Continue reading Google Adwords Bans Beach Accessories Website

How AdWords Destroyed My Holiday Apartment Rental Business

I am renting out several condos to holiday-makers in Thailand. I started that business around 4 years ago. I always got the most profitable and highest paying tenants using AdWords. Last month AdWords banned my account. 


I am still able to find tenants via different online booking websites, but competition on those sites is pretty stiff. Continue reading How AdWords Destroyed My Holiday Apartment Rental Business

Interview with an Internet Marketer

Donald saw the last time an office from the inside in 2006. Ever since did he work online for himself in all different kind of coffee shops from Cambodia to Tuvalu Islands. He started to get into serious trouble when AdWords Banned his account of the blue.


Oliver: Nice to meet you Donald, how are you?

Donald: I am really suffering. Since Adwords banned my account I am suffering from sleeplessness, depression, fear I might never be able to get my business back. This must be the worst crises I ever experienced in my life. This ban to advertise on Google made my doctor describe me very strong antidepressants drugs, so I can deal with all the stress. Continue reading Interview with an Internet Marketer

Has Google a Monopoly?

We sell all kind of computer and camera accessories online. We import goods from China and sell them here in the states. I started this business back in 2002 with a friend of mine. We have almost 100 employees in our back office as well warehouse.


You can imagine we spend a lot of money every month on Advertisement with AdWords. We actually even have a dedicated Adwords sales manager who is taking care of our account. Continue reading Has Google a Monopoly?

Adwords Monopoly

A lot of friends who know the horror stories I experienced with Adwords always like to ask me, do you hate Adwords? The answer is yes and no. As long as you can use Adwords and you not get in trouble with the department suspending accounts it’s the best place to advertise on the planet.

It is not cheap, but still the return on investment is just amazing. I tried to use Facebook, Bing and Yahoo as an alternative for Adwords, without any success. The issue with Facebook is people are not looking or searching for information, they mind is focused on interacting with their friends or playing games. So it is very hard to sell to people who are not searching for anything.

Yahoo and Bing even combined don’t get enough traffic to even be considered a competitive force to our all mighty God of the internet Big G. Continue reading Adwords Monopoly

Living The 4 Hour Work Week

During my last month’s summer vocation in South East Asia, I met a lot of guys making their living online and living in exotic countries such as e.g. Indonesia, Philippines or even Singapore. It’s a quite smart move, as they all earn their money in us dollars.

However, the living costs in those countries are very cheap. I remember, when I stayed in Indonesia last month, I could get a very nice local dinner for 1 usd. People in South East Asia working in a 7-11 shop maybe make about 200 usd a month and live a decent life, if you are earning let’s say 1000 usd online you can live like a king.

I really kind of envy the kind of lifestyle those western people are having there. Beautiful beaches, all year round warm weather, amazingly delicious food.
I read the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ from Timothy Ferriss last year. I was very impressed, actually meeting people living the 4 hour work for real. Continue reading Living The 4 Hour Work Week