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Living The 4 Hour Work Week

During my last month’s summer vocation in South East Asia, I met a lot of guys making their living online and living in exotic countries such as e.g. Indonesia, Philippines or even Singapore. It’s a quite smart move, as they all earn their money in us dollars.

However, the living costs in those countries are very cheap. I remember, when I stayed in Indonesia last month, I could get a very nice local dinner for 1 usd. People in South East Asia working in a 7-11 shop maybe make about 200 usd a month and live a decent life, if you are earning let’s say 1000 usd online you can live like a king.

I really kind of envy the kind of lifestyle those western people are having there. Beautiful beaches, all year round warm weather, amazingly delicious food.
I read the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ from Timothy Ferriss last year. I was very impressed, actually meeting people living the 4 hour work for real. Continue reading Living The 4 Hour Work Week