Adwords Account Banned – How To Save Your Business

With the advancement of internet technology, the online advertisement has grown tremendously with each advertiser trying to attract many potential customers.


However, Google has placed measures to ensure that companies adhere to advertising policies. In some instances, this can lead to misunderstandings between Google and the advertisers. Many advertisers make inquiries about their suspended AdWords accounts. In this case, the main reason for the suspension of the accounts is that the advertisers did not follow rules as stipulated by Google. But how what will you do if your account gets suspended? Here is how to fix and get the suspension lifted.

Be knowledgeable about the suspension of AdWords by Google

Knowing and understanding the Google’s policies is a major step in ensuring that your account is not suspended. However, reading through all Google’s policies can be a daunting task that requires time and concentration. Knowing all the Google’s rules will let you become vigilant and immediately fix the offense if you violate the rules. Here are top reasons for the suspension of Google accounts.

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  • Repeated infractions of Google’s policies
  • Failure to meet payment obligations such as advertising costs
  • Infringing rules in manner that put users at risk
  • Creating an account that shows similarity to the already suspended account.
  • Avoid being suspended in the first place
  • The best defence against account suspension is to avoid suspension in the first place.


Here is the perfect way to do that:

  1. If your ad gets refused, fix it and avoid making the same mistake in future
  2. If your site is disapproved, act quickly and find out the reasons and correct the problem immediately
  3. Set your account such that you will receive and alert when you do something wrong.
  4. Read through Adwords policies periodically to get updated on the Google’s policy change
  5. Usually, the customers who inquire about the suspended account are asked whether they have original warning email sent by Google. However, most people do not read their emails hence failing to notice the warning email from Google. When you take the notifications lightly, chances that your account will be suspended are very high.

However, you can contact the AdWords support if you are not sure about the details of disapproval notification. You will save much of time by fixing the problem in the first place rather than waiting for the suspension of your account. In some cases, Google can suspend the account without warning if you do a gross violation of the policy. This does not mean that you will not get your account unsuspended.

What happens when an AdWords account gets suspended? When the AdWords account is suspended, this is what will happen:

  • Google will stop running your Ads
  • There is will be suspension of any related account
  • Creating a new account with similar details is not successful

Most of the individuals make a mistake by trying to open a new account when the account is not fixed in the initial disapproval. You are warned not to create a new account as Google will shut down your accounts indefinitely. Google has a very advanced technology of detecting the scam accounts. Even if they don’t catch you immediately, they will find you in the long run.

Understanding Google policies

Most advertisers don’t want to spend time reading through Google policies. However, you don’t need to understand each and every Google’s policy. You should know the basics and keep updated on the policies related to the AdWords. In this case, you should visit the Google’s advertising policies to know all the policies relating to AdWords.

The Google’s advertising policies have been formulated to protect the users against fraudulent advertisers. In most cases, Google suspends an account if they believe that advertisers are making a false claim or posting misleading content on the landing page of the site. Therefore, you should be very careful when making claims especially in sensitive industries such as finance, tech support, health or anything that involves the collection of personal data. Ensure that you back your claim with relevant information and references.


How to un-suspend your Google’s account

The first thing is to know why your account has been suspended. There the common warnings from the Google and you are required to do for each situation.

Unauthorized log in or activity on your account: this is meant to protect you from unauthorized access to your account.

If you don’t pay the balance your account will be suspended: in this case, you will log in to the account and pay the balance and contact AdWords to inform them that you have paid the dues.

Suspicious activity in your account: Google will shut down your account if you engage in activities that violate the regulations put in place by Google.

Suspicious behavior in your payment activity: if you try to pay your dues using illegal means go will detect and suspend your account.

Violations of the policies will get your account suspended: you don’t have to worry because there is an appeal process for that. First, fix the violations and make a detailed report of the changes you have done. After this, then submit your request. You should make sure that you have fixed the violation correctly before submitting your appeal.

Google will suspend you if you do not adhere to AdWords Terms & Conditions: ensure that your business practices follow the Google policies and also put your credit cards in a good standing.

Unfortunately, Google considers some violations too serious that it may ban you forever from advertising. This usually happens as a result of repeated violations of the policies.



You should note that Google policy team is very strict and always want you to make corrections immediately. Whenever you are asked to make changes, make sure you do it as much as possible. Google suspend accounts to protect its brands and the users. Many advertisers will take up your place if you are not careful with your AdWords account. Shy away from making misleading claims and misuse of promotional codes. In this case, you should look at your account in the perspective of the user to ensure that you provide value to them.

You are always free to contact the AdWords support if you still have problems with your suspended account.



2 thoughts on “Adwords Account Banned – How To Save Your Business

  1. I got banned from AdWords because I did not pay my invoice on time. We should always pay our invoices in time, else our rights & privileges to use AdWords may be revoked. This bad business sense indicates that the individual in question is in the wrong field. Google AdWords doesn’t put up with unprofessional invoices.

  2. Huh, it looks like I am another AdWords banned victim who had his business shut down.
    To my surprise, my AdWords account was suspended, despite several appeals and attempts to reinstate the account, I have never got any feedback from them. I do not know if this bad luck, but I hope that this suspension will be lifted soon!

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