AdWords Account Disabled For Selling Allegedly Fake Goods

I have been running an iPhone accessories e-commerce store for a couple of years now and I used AdWords as my main source of traffic.


My business was very successful, I made a lot of money over the years and I also spent a lot of money on AdWords.

I was in really deep shock when I logged into my AdWords account and I saw that my account has been disabled.
When I contact at AdWords and ask why they have decided to disable my account they replied to me that I was in violation and some kind of terms and conditions and that my iPhone accessories wouldn’t be original and stating they are fake.

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I replied to them that does goods are 100% authentic as does OEM products. I even provided AdWords with supplier invoices to prove that I never ever have sold any fake items on my side.

I wanted to get my account reinstated, I sent all invoices I had to AdWords and waited about one week without any reply. They did not even acknowledge that they received my message, so I tried to contact them again and explain to them why I thought that they have banned my AdWords account unfairly.

Again second message no reply so I started to get really frustrated with my situation my business was down I was barely making any money, I always have used AdWords estimated the source of my traffic.

I have the impression that AdWords treats advertisers good, but as soon as they disable your account they will treat you like dirt and in many cases that will even just ignore all your messages.


It is impossible to speak with any human being from Google or AdWords on the phone. So once you were accused of having done something wrong even if you did not do it there is no chance to have a fair appeals process to overcome that account suspension.

And my desperation I tried several times to open your AdWords accounts, however, I don’t know how but Google always was able to link those accounts and disabled each new account within minutes after I entered all information.

I tried everything I even tried to use Yahoo and Bing advertisement without any real traffic being sent to my site. I also try to use Facebook advertisement which I spent a lot of money on but that also did not generate any substantial sales on my side.

I started to feel really stupid of having relied on one source of traffic over the last years without ever diversifying my traffic source.

Add works has literally destroyed my business even I did not do anything wrong. With my AdWords account beeing disabled, I have lost everything. I have iPhone accessories worth thousands of dollars and stock without being able to sell it. I believe that AdWords should create a fair way to deal with disabled advertisers, they also should allow banned users to state their case and have somebody competent from Google deal with the case.


My impression is that in many cases customer staff working for AdWords seem to be poorly trained and in most cases don’t even have enough time to look into each AdWords suspension case.

If your account has been banned by AdWords, please leave a comment below and share your story with us.


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