AdWords Account Suspended – Unfairly

I have been using AdWords for many years, now I’m using it again to promote my construction company.

We have a lot of competition here and in Brooklyn. The only way to find new clients in many cases is to use AdWords.

Usually, people want to make a house makeover or enlarge their home. Occasionally we get some word to mouth clients but 95% of all our new projects are coming from Google AdWords.

So what happened last week, is that out of the blue AdWords decided to suspend our account. No reason was given only that our ads will not appear again in the Google search results. First I thought this would be some kind phishing email. But it turns out that this email was real. We have around 30 people that work for our company and we used to spend at least $15-$20,000 a month on Google AdWords.

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Getting our Google AdWords account suspended meant that we had to start to lay off people.

And my desperation, I started to think of different ways on how we can get back on AdWords.

First I want to find out what actually was the reason for the AdWords account suspension. So I got in contact with Google and asked them what happened. All I got was some pre-written email that they don’t share specific suspension reasons with clients. I also asked them if there was any way I could appeal for that suspension and get my account reinstated.

To my disbelieve, I was told that this suspension is indefinitely and there is no way to appeal for it.

In my desperation, I was thinking the only way I could get it back was opening a new account but usually, it took up to like 1-3 hours until the new account got suspended again.

I did some research online on people who had their AdWords account suspended or banned as well and I noticed there seem to be thousands and thousands of people who had exactly the same horrible experience.

The real issue with all those large IT cooperations is that in many cases they have a monopoly in their field. Take a look at Facebook, they almost control 100% off all social media. If you look at Google the control almost 90% percent of the entire online search market and Amazon controls around 80% of the entire e-commerce trade online.

What all those companies have in common is that they have very poor customer service and treat their advertiser or sellers very poorly. All those large commemorations get away with their behavior because they have no competition.

Once I realized that I had no chance of getting my AdWords account reinstated I decided to take legal actions against Google.

Adwords account suspended was definitely one of my worst experiences in my life.

At the moment I’m still in the process of suing Google so that they will unsuspend my account. As soon as the legal proceedings have completed I will update you guys.

If you have also had your AdWords account suspended please leave a comment below and share your story with us.



One thought on “AdWords Account Suspended – Unfairly

  1. I had same experience. I’m still waiting for real answer on what happened. I’m entrepenur and I just created AdWords account . I’m not sure what happened since I got ads approved and later banned. My business depends on Google so at this point Google destroyed my dream and my startup. Not sure what else to do I didn’t get any answer. I told them I want to cooperate and find out what happened so I can fix it. It was not my intention to violet any policy. It was just ignorance . I believe I deserve explanation and cooperation I’m being treat like terrorist at this point.

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