AdWords Banned? – Here Is How To Fix Your Suspension

Google AdWord’s has suspended more than twenty thousand advertisers only last month, below we will rank the most common suspension reasons.


When your AdWords account is banned, it means potential buyers are not viewing your ads and this will have a major impact on the profitably of your business.

Once the decision has been made to ban you from using AdWords, you will receive a formal email informing you of the actions that have been taken and the reasons.

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Don’t give up on your business yet, you can always find a way to fix the problem. Below are some of the most common reasons as to why AdWords might suspend your account:

1. Inappropriate content and copyrighted content

Google AdWords has very strict terms and conditions of the products and services that can be advertised and which can’t.

If your ads contain adult-oriented content like fireworks, firearms, counterfeit goods or sex, there is a high chance that after a manual review your account will get suspended.

This is because the Google search has no age restrictions. Also, Google needs to ensure that all goods and services advertised are 100% legit and within the law.

In addition to that, if a certain company has a copyright over certain words, these words are under restriction for use by other companies. A competitor that would use these words in its ads is at risk of having their AdWords account suspended.

2. Claim to be number one and ad containing company contacts.

Most companies want to include their contacts, whether email or phone number in their ad words for ease of user’s access, but this is against Google’s set guidelines. To avoid your ad being banned, desist from using contacts and try using phone extensions. Do not also blow your own trumpet and rank yourself #1 unless there is a third party that supports this claim. But if this was to attract users there are other words you can use like ‘We don’t disappoint”, ‘your favorite friend”, etc.

3. Ad text in CAPS or those that are too long

Ad Words are used to provide a preview of the actual company to users. For this reason, they are not supposed to be too long to occupy too much space on a site. An ad text should just contain a title that should not be longer than 25-30 characters and its body not more than 35- 40 characters. Google expects this rule to be followed unless the language in use has long words. Ad Words are also expected to be in small letters. The only exception is promotional codes.

4. Ads that have a ‘click here’ trick

If you don’t want to have your ads banned, don’t use the click here’ trick. Yes, you want users on your site but so that you don’t risk your ad words, use words like ‘shop now’ or ‘see this’. The other rule when writing an ad is to only use one exclamation mark per ad’. Whether you were doing it because it seems cool or feeling excited, just use one. This may seem harmless but it can cost you your AdWords account being suspended.

5. Different root domain.

The domain for the display URL should be the same as the domain of the destination. If the root domains are different, this is called cheating the users. For example, the display URL is and the destination URL is The display URL advertised something different and when the user got interested found something totally different in the destination.

The best way to handle banned or suspended ads is to delete them, correct them or write a new ad over the old one.



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