Adwords Alternatives

In this article I will discuss 3 major Advertisement platforms which could be seen as substitute to Adwords, after you have been banned. I tested them on my own business, the results may vary depending on your niche.

Bing (Microsoft)

What I really like about Microsoft AdCenter is their control panel, which is very logically structured and easy to use. I also had contact with their customer service department via phone. I was surprised by the well trained customer service agent, and level of customer service delivered. You can feel they really try hard to win customers over from Adwords.

I am using them for 4 weeks now. They traffic they deliver is good and converts well, similar to what I used to experience with Adwords before they banned my account.

The only issue is that Adwords was able to deliver about 100 visitors to my page a day, compared to Microsoft Adcenter I am getting 7 – 10 hits. It should not be a surprise as the market share of is still very small.

Facebook Ads

I liked the idea of “targeted” ads, as Facebook gives you the option to choose age, language, location, level of education etc. It took about 24 hours to approve my Ad, which is not very fast, however, if this Ads delivers sales, who cares.

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After 1 week, my “free” Facebook advertisement credit came to an end. I made about 1 sale which originated from Facebook. Quality of traffic, very low. My conversation rate was about 2%, compared to 20% before I got banned from all time favorite Adwords. If I would test different Ads I maybe could improve the conversations. Again Facebook only delivered 30 hits in an entire week. Those numbers are so far away from what I am used from Adwords, it just does not make any economically sense to do any fine tuning. People on Facebook are not searching for specif information, they are more in a ‘information consuming’ mood. That might explain the low click through rates and low conversations.

You might be able to make Facebook Ads work for your specif niche. However, it did not work for me. After beeing adwords banned, this is definitely not the kind of ‘alternative’ I was looking for.

Yahoo Ads

I using Yahoo for some time, before simultaneously with Adwords before they banned me. The issue is the same as with all other above advertisement platforms, the volume of visitors they deliver is just to low to really to qualify as an alternative.

After I tested all those “alternatives” to Adwords, unfortunately I have to conclude, there is NO real alternative. If Adwords also banned you, the only way to continue your business is to get a new working account.

3 thoughts on “Adwords Alternatives

  1. I was looking for alternatives, after my Adwords BAN incident for more than a year. I have given up by now. There are no WORKING alternatives.

  2. Thank you for this interesting article concerning Adwords alternatives. I did some research as well in this field and I came to the same conclusion. Once you banned from Adwords, it’s over. There is NO WAY back.

  3. I had the some experience. I tried all of those. They just don’t work for me. It makes me feel so angry that all our online activities only depend on our internet God Big G.

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