Adwords Monopoly

A lot of friends who know the horror stories I experienced with Adwords always like to ask me, do you hate Adwords? The answer is yes and no. As long as you can use Adwords and you not get in trouble with the department suspending accounts it’s the best place to advertise on the planet.

It is not cheap, but still the return on investment is just amazing. I tried to use Facebook, Bing and Yahoo as an alternative for Adwords, without any success. The issue with Facebook is people are not looking or searching for information, they mind is focused on interacting with their friends or playing games. So it is very hard to sell to people who are not searching for anything.

Yahoo and Bing even combined don’t get enough traffic to even be considered a competitive force to our all mighty God of the internet Big G.

I am a big believer in the free market. I hate monopolies, but unfortunately online advertisement is owned by Adwords. People are just so used to use Google to find stuff on the internet. It’s very difficult to break this habit. However, there is hope. If Facebook manages to turn some of its 1 billion users to use the search feature of FB, Google and Adwords could get serious competition. Mark Zuckerberg should change the user interface of FB in a way which stops people leaving FB and going to Google to search.

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FB search is powered by Bing, and my impression is that the search results delivered by Bing are now actually allot better than what Google is showing on its search result page.

Google’s Adwords is to the internet what Microsoft used to be 10 years ago to computers. Windows used to rule the world. People were scared of monopoly Microsoft had. We all know things have changed. I am strong believer that in 10 years Google will not own the internet as they do now. Google tried to so hard with Google+ to compete against Facebook without a lot of success. The only thing Google is making any real money from at the moment is it’s Adwords business.

The challenge large corporations are facing is that the bigger they grow the more inflexible they get. Startups are like young adults. They are creative, they are eager to learn new thinks; they just have the mindset to invent new stuff. Once they get older the mindset changes. The loose the ability to see things from a different perspectives, the whole mindset changes.

In multinational companies such as Google even if some people have great ideas, in most cases they are lost in the hierarchy. The bigger the companies grow the more arrogant they get. A good example would Apple, Microsoft and even Google. The arrogance G shows it’s Adwords customer is sometimes really hard to grasp. In many cases advertisers had their account unfairly suspended.

In most cases appeals to reconsider the suspension are ignored. I personally sent a very polite email to Adwords to reinstate my suspended accounts. The response email I received did not answer any of my questions I had ask. The customer service representative must have come to the conclusion that instate of actually doing some research and replying my email it might be easier to just choose the “don’t contact us again template” and close the case.

After years spending every month thousands of dollars with Adwords I felt very insulated. In my opinion only companies, who have a monopoly on the service they are offering, can afford to treat customers so arrogant and offensive.




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  1. Good article, I agree Adwords has a monopoly on online advertisement and yes G did turn into an evil corporation.

  2. Adwords and Big G are evil. I am just so upset that people using the internet all over the world don’t realize by using Google to search for stuff, they support an evil company.

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