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We all know Big G is running the internet. Are there any alternatives to Google and Adwords out there?

Adwords Alternatives

In this article I will discuss 3 major Advertisement platforms which could be seen as substitute to Adwords, after you have been banned. I tested them on my own business, the results may vary depending on your niche.

Bing (Microsoft)

What I really like about Microsoft AdCenter is their control panel, which is very logically structured and easy to use. I also had contact with their customer service department via phone. I was surprised by the well trained customer service agent, and level of customer service delivered. You can feel they really try hard to win customers over from Adwords.

I am using them for 4 weeks now. They traffic they deliver is good and converts well, similar to what I used to experience with Adwords before they banned my account.

The only issue is that Adwords was able to deliver about 100 visitors to my page a day, compared to Microsoft Adcenter I am getting 7 – 10 hits. It should not be a surprise as the market share of is still very small. Continue reading Adwords Alternatives