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This blog deals with the issue of getting banned from Adwords.

Interview with an Internet Marketer

Donald saw the last time an office from the inside in 2006. Ever since did he work online for himself in all different kind of coffee shops from Cambodia to Tuvalu Islands. He started to get into serious trouble when AdWords Banned his account of the blue.


Oliver: Nice to meet you Donald, how are you?

Donald: I am really suffering. Since Adwords banned my account I am suffering from sleeplessness, depression, fear I might never be able to get my business back. This must be the worst crises I ever experienced in my life. This ban to advertise on Google made my doctor describe me very strong antidepressants drugs, so I can deal with all the stress. Continue reading Interview with an Internet Marketer


Google Adwords Banned Nightmare

I own a small internet dating website, we promote our business with Google Adwords. Google Adwords banned my Adwords account 2 days ago. I tried to contact Google Adwords via email, I am very disappointed as they only send me some pre-written emails without any specific reason why I got banned.

Adwords Banned Customer are treated like outcast. They are acting in such an unethical manner. There are 6 people working in our small office. It is very questionable if we can continue operating this small business, if we are not able to reverse the Google Adwords Banned verdict, we will have to close this company. I was looking for alternatives to Google Adwords after we got banned, it did not take me long to realize there is no substitute for Adwords.

The Google Reich Continue reading Google Adwords Banned Nightmare