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Is Google really a Monopoly and getting powerful?

Losing My Business Because Of Google AdWords

I started an  online/website business because I believed it would offer freedom and a new life with my desires. I was interested in travel and had a business that was currently working.


However, I knew that expanding this into an online area would create a different sense of freedom and the ability to create a flexible livelihood with a stronger business presence. When I first began to create my website and build my online business, I believed that there were endless possibilities for growth and a future business. However, it quickly changed with the shifts and controls that come with building online. Continue reading Losing My Business Because Of Google AdWords


Interview with an Internet Marketer

Donald saw the last time an office from the inside in 2006. Ever since did he work online for himself in all different kind of coffee shops from Cambodia to Tuvalu Islands. He started to get into serious trouble when AdWords Banned his account of the blue.


Oliver: Nice to meet you Donald, how are you?

Donald: I am really suffering. Since Adwords banned my account I am suffering from sleeplessness, depression, fear I might never be able to get my business back. This must be the worst crises I ever experienced in my life. This ban to advertise on Google made my doctor describe me very strong antidepressants drugs, so I can deal with all the stress. Continue reading Interview with an Internet Marketer

Has Google a Monopoly?

We sell all kind of computer and camera accessories online. We import goods from China and sell them here in the states. I started this business back in 2002 with a friend of mine. We have almost 100 employees in our back office as well warehouse.


You can imagine we spend a lot of money every month on Advertisement with AdWords. We actually even have a dedicated Adwords sales manager who is taking care of our account. Continue reading Has Google a Monopoly?

Adwords Alternatives

In this article I will discuss 3 major Advertisement platforms which could be seen as substitute to Adwords, after you have been banned. I tested them on my own business, the results may vary depending on your niche.

Bing (Microsoft)

What I really like about Microsoft AdCenter is their control panel, which is very logically structured and easy to use. I also had contact with their customer service department via phone. I was surprised by the well trained customer service agent, and level of customer service delivered. You can feel they really try hard to win customers over from Adwords.

I am using them for 4 weeks now. They traffic they deliver is good and converts well, similar to what I used to experience with Adwords before they banned my account.

The only issue is that Adwords was able to deliver about 100 visitors to my page a day, compared to Microsoft Adcenter I am getting 7 – 10 hits. It should not be a surprise as the market share of is still very small. Continue reading Adwords Alternatives