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My AdWords Horror Story

He was known to give interviews about his success in internet marketing. He set his travel agency in April 2007. He had a purpose in his business; being rich and accumulating a lot of wealth.


He had read a lot of books on how to be rich, read hundreds of blogs and articles on the same. His travel agency business was not doing great as it relied more on salespersons. Continue reading My AdWords Horror Story


How AdWords Destroyed My Ecommerce Business

AdWords is a Google advertising system which lets advertisers bid on particular keywords if they want their clickable ads to appear in Google search results. It lets advertisers to choose where their ad will appear and it lets them set a budget that is comfortable for them. You have no minimum spending commitment and you can pause or stop anytime.


Google AdWords can be really good advertising plays but only if you know how to use it. Understanding the way how Google AdWords work is really hard and they have a lot of terms and conditions that you have to follow if you do not want to get banned. Continue reading How AdWords Destroyed My Ecommerce Business

Important Tips on How to Avoid Google Adwords Ban

Google is regarded as the king of search engines. It is the best place where you can get an amazing a large number of traffic for your website.


This makes people do anything in order to find themselves among the top pages of Google search results. Google is always looking for ways to remove any sites that seem to spam the users.

Continue reading Important Tips on How to Avoid Google Adwords Ban

Google Adwords Bans Beach Accessories Website

Yesterday was the best day this month, yet today, nothing. I guess that’s business sometimes. Hopefully the waves are pumping. I can always spend the morning surfing, then come back in and check orders again at lunch time.


A few hours later. Sweet, what a great morning that was. I will go and check orders again, and get on with fulfilling them this afternoon. What, still no orders. Something isn’t right here. I better check things after lunch and figure out what’s happening. Continue reading Google Adwords Bans Beach Accessories Website

How AdWords Destroyed My Holiday Apartment Rental Business

I am renting out several condos to holiday-makers in Thailand. I started that business around 4 years ago. I always got the most profitable and highest paying tenants using AdWords. Last month AdWords banned my account. 


I am still able to find tenants via different online booking websites, but competition on those sites is pretty stiff. Continue reading How AdWords Destroyed My Holiday Apartment Rental Business

Adwords Monopoly

A lot of friends who know the horror stories I experienced with Adwords always like to ask me, do you hate Adwords? The answer is yes and no. As long as you can use Adwords and you not get in trouble with the department suspending accounts it’s the best place to advertise on the planet.

It is not cheap, but still the return on investment is just amazing. I tried to use Facebook, Bing and Yahoo as an alternative for Adwords, without any success. The issue with Facebook is people are not looking or searching for information, they mind is focused on interacting with their friends or playing games. So it is very hard to sell to people who are not searching for anything.

Yahoo and Bing even combined don’t get enough traffic to even be considered a competitive force to our all mighty God of the internet Big G. Continue reading Adwords Monopoly