Google Adwords Banned Nightmare

I own a small internet dating website, we promote our business with Google Adwords. Google Adwords banned my Adwords account 2 days ago. I tried to contact Google Adwords via email, I am very disappointed as they only send me some pre-written emails without any specific reason why I got banned.

Adwords Banned Customer are treated like outcast. They are acting in such an unethical manner. There are 6 people working in our small office. It is very questionable if we can continue operating this small business, if we are not able to reverse the Google Adwords Banned verdict, we will have to close this company. I was looking for alternatives to Google Adwords after we got banned, it did not take me long to realize there is no substitute for Adwords.

The Google Reich

Google Adwords controls 80% of PPC advertisement online, the chances are very slim that this Google monopoly will be destroyed anytime soon. If any company would deal with clients as Adwords does, they would have to deal with a lot of lawsuits. The only difference that make the Google story even worse, there is no substitute for Adwords.

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If your business only relies on Google Adwords traffic, be careful. Google Adwords Banned Accounts without any warning. I learned this lesson, when it was already to late. Last week I was researching every day how to get back on Adwords after being banned, yesterday I opened a new Adwords account. However, my new account was linked to my old banned Adwords account. I am sure there must be a way to get back on Adwords after being banned, I will continue looking for a solution.

If you have been banned from Adwords as well, share you Adwords experience with us below.


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  1. Hey Guys, I’m in the same boat. I experimented promoting a clickbank product. Google suspended my account. When I asked them how I can get this resolved, they told me that “I” needed to change landing page of the website I was promoting so that it was in compliance with their terms or service. Silly because I do not own or can make changes to the website I was promoting….. They said it didn’t matter and that I needed to contact the owners of the website, make it complaint then resubmit my ads to get approved.

    1. Hey Shawn, at least you received a word from them in some form of speaking, albeit a horrible reply nonetheless. I don’t get them and why they would expect YOU to change someone else’s website. Lol! I did the same thing with briefly experimenting with a Clickbank product, after reading some ebook that said they did this and made money… must’ve been an outdated book but I never did see a publication date. Anyhow, I did the experiment, and the next day, I got the suspension notice, no warning, nothing at all. They didn’t even so much as tell me what they told you. I’ve been banned since then and trying to figure out IF there is a way to get back without having to jump through all the hoops and ladders that some other sites state, like having a new credit card, building a new account, changing IP addresses, your name, address, info, not promoting the same website (why would I need adwords if I can’t promote my own business site anymore? LOL), etc. I just wish there was a way to reason with them, talk to them, and almost literally swear to them that I will only promote the websites I own. It’s a shame really, and they just get worse and worse with how they run their Third Reich operation regarding Adwords. If anyone has any luck other than the vast list of things I mentioned above, please be sure to share.

  2. I am so frustrated, why did I get suspended from Adwords, I didn’t expect it would be without any warning. I have been working on so hard. Its so rude and its not only affecting me but also my family, I need to make money but because of this I cant do anything, I need help to get back on Adwords again. I hope this guide can help me. I need to make money so soon.

  3. Probably the best thing to do is to be careful on what we are doing on the Adwords, Its just so frustrating to be treated like this, I wish there would be an alternative to Adwords. Being suspended makes me sick. I hate it, and I hate.

  4. I’m now financially destroyed because of this Adwords suspension. I get banned, and the worst part is, I still don’t know how to get back or get a new account. I have been searching all over the internet. It’s so stressful to be on this situation where you don’t know if you will get your business ever back. I need it get a new account so soon. Hope this can help me.

  5. I hope I can get back on Adwords again, my life and business relies on PPC and now that I got banned I couldn’t help but to be so stress on this situation, I didn’t know it will be like this, I have been looking for a solution how to get back. I have to try, I can not give up, I need to make money and I cant do anything without Adwords.

  6. I got banned on Adwords, and it really sucks, I didn’t even know what was wrong and why I get banned, I want to open a new account again and glad to see this article. I need to open a new as soon as possible. I need to make money, I’m so broke….this time I’ll make sure I will not promote clickbank products again.

  7. I loved this blog post. “The Google Reich”. I agree with you on this, Google DOES control the internet. It’s like in middle ages, where normal people had no rights and were used as salves from the landlords.

  8. The big question is, how can we get back on Adwords without getting slapped by Adwords with a ban.

    I am in a horrible situation, my girlfriend just left me, after she found out I was running out of money.

    Maybe it was not that but after all, as she was just after my money.

    Well, I have to Admit, this Adwords Ban changed my life forever.

  9. I think I really hate Google. Our Adwords account is also suspended permanently. Once i made contact with Google they just said do not contact us.

    The actual unusual part of the story is, I don’t understand I did inappropriate. When I asked them, they only stated “we won’t tell”! Report

  10. Exact thing occurred to me I managed to get in touch with some big ass office manager at Adwords, but even they don’t want to restore my account.

    Listen closely, there is certainly some small ass pencil licker over there who could not find a girlfriend in senior high school and now takes advantage of his ‘legislative capacity’ to mess with hard working web marketers like us. Sad.

  11. My adwords account has been banned. We have an internet shop. Our advertisements and keywords were definitely in no breach to Googles Terms and Conditions. My partner and I read the Adwords small print prior to starting our marketing campaigns.

    Once I uploaded my ads, they were never reviewed. Someone from customer support explained we were set and the Ads should be showing up in Google search site.

    After a month of our ads still being under evaluation, we e-mailed Adwords and they replied through an email declaring “Your Adwords account has been suspended. I’m sorry we did not let you know earlier.”

    Soon after sending emails to different people, in their reply they mentioned that they didn’t need to tell us the key reason why our account had been banned, and the also requested that we never email or call Adwords support again. I didn’t fully understand what was happening. I am still very upset how they treated us.

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