Google Adwords Bans Beach Accessories Website

Yesterday was the best day this month, yet today, nothing. I guess that’s business sometimes. Hopefully the waves are pumping. I can always spend the morning surfing, then come back in and check orders again at lunch time.


A few hours later. Sweet, what a great morning that was. I will go and check orders again, and get on with fulfilling them this afternoon. What, still no orders. Something isn’t right here. I better check things after lunch and figure out what’s happening.

Another hour or two later….. Right, lets see if there are any orders now. Nope, still none. Something is definitely not right.

Let’s figure this out. Hmm, I can’t seem to access my Google account. I only logged in a couple of days ago, I’m sure I’ve got the right password. I guess I’ll try some of my other passwords. Still unable to access it, very strange.

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Maybe I should check my ads, and see why they aren’t getting any interest now. Hang on, there are no ads. What’s up with that. They were up yesterday, yet they’re not here today. Well, that would explain why there are no orders. I better check my emails and see if Sir Google isn’t happy with something about them.


There is no email from Google. Hang on, I should check my spam folder. Here it is. WTF!!!! Are you kidding me??? You’ve BANNED me, for WHAT?!!!

That’s right. Just a few months ago, I was cruising along in my business. Things were going well. My Adwords were bringing in plenty of customers for my beach accessory business that I ran from home.

I would spend my mornings fulfilling orders, then spend the afternoon out with my fiancee, friends or family, or on the waves.
Then, just like that, things went pear shaped. No sales were coming in. When I discovered why, I was dumb founded. Even to this day, I have no idea what it was that I did wrong. Their email really didn’t give me much information either.


I emailed them back, and still haven’t had a response. I tried calling all the numbers that I could find, but no one would bother telling me what the issue was. After about a dozen phone calls to different numbers, I eventually gave up. Seriously, I have lost everything. I had worked hard for a number of years, saving every cent that I could, and put it all into this business. I didn’t have enough though, so I got a bank loan to add to what I had saved.

Now, the bank is knocking on my door, telling me that my last two months worth of payments are overdue. Add to that, I was also paying my car off. My business had been going so well, that I decided to splash out, and purchased a new BMW (well, it wasn’t brand new, but it was new to me). That set me back about $35,000.

But now the payments for that are also overdue. I have been trying to sell it for the last two months, but no one around here wants to buy it. Even if I do manage to sell it, I’m not going to sell it for what I paid for it. I really have no future now. I have been looking for work since THAT email too.

But with the GFC still causing a few headaches, there just doesn’t seem to be any jobs around either. I am doomed. If something doesn’t happen soon, I will have to declare bankruptcy, and may be out, living on the streets.

I often used to walk past homeless people and wonder how they became homeless. Well, I guess now I know.



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