Google Adwords Suspended For Circumventing Systems

I have been using AdWords for some time now and it actually works really well for me until they suspended my account for circumventing the system.

The last couple of years I’ve been selling WordPress templates, AdWords has been my main source of traffic. We always keep our website very secure and do everything to avoid getting hacked, we usually never forget to install the latest security patches, still someone managed to hack our website and use it to redirect all our visitors to some websites infecting some computer with viruses.

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It took us around 12 hours to discover the security breach. We stopped our AdWords campaigns right away and also took our site offline to protect our visitors.

We also contacted AdWords right away and told them that our site has been compromised (hacked) and we are working on fixing it.

We were a little bit worried because we knew that if your website gets hacked AdWords is very fast and suspending accounts.

Our AdWords account manager told us he put a note on the system and we don’t have worry getting your account suspended.

The following day when I logged into my AdWords account I noticed right away the red bars on top inside AdWords account saying that my Google AdWords account has been suspended for circumventing the system.

I just couldn’t believe what I saw. I already had three coders working simultaneously on getting my website back online, so I was under really a lot of stress on top of having my AdWords account suspended really shocked me even more. I knew with this AdWords account suspension my business basically would stop to exist.

What made me even angrier is that my AdWords account manager told me that there would be nothing to worry. I believe at the end he doesn’t have any power whatsoever. Basically, he is just some low-level customer service guy.

Anyway, I called my Account manager and tried to find out if there are any chances of getting my AdWords account reinstated. I was only able to speak to some of his colleagues because he was allegedly on vacation. I had not had the time to wait for him to return to the office. I had to get back on AdWords as fast as possible so I asked if there is any chance of appealing the decision as I definitely did not try to circumvent the system.

I explained my situation that I have been victim off and an apparent hack on our side and that we are working to get that issue resolved. I was told that he will speak with his supervisor and see what he can do. He promised to get back to me within two business days.

I was anxiously checking my emails constantly the next two days and there was no message from AdWords. At this time my side was already back online am the virus has been removed and everything was working again.

After the third day, I decided to call my manager again. I asked him if there has been any development concerning my AdWords account reinstatement. Again I was told that my account is still under review and that they will get back to me as soon as possible.

The next day I got an email that my account will not be in reinstated because circumventing the Google AdWords system is one of the most serious breaches.

I just didn’t understand how during the appeal process the website hack wasn’t considered when evaluating the reinstatement.

I believe that AdWords should create a fair and transparent appeal process, where all the factors are thoroughly included when the decision is made if an AdWords account gets reinstated or not.

If your AdWords account has been suspended, please leave a comment below and share your story with us.


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