Got Your AdWords Account Suspended? Here Is What You Might Have Done Wrong.

If you want to market a business online, you won’t find a better system than Google AdWords.


The bad news is that Google has decided to implement stricter advertising rules and has made it difficult for advertisers to use this efficient advertising machine. All these rules were imposed in order to combat all illegal products, scams and spyware. Moreover, this giant American company also wants to improve the browsing experience for all the people who use the Internet.

You will easily have your AdWords account banned if you violate these advertising rules. People who want to keep using this powerful machine need to follow all the rules created by Google, but to make it easier for you, here are the most popular reasons why AdWords bans advertisers and how to avoid them.

AdWords Campaigns that lead in a wrong direction

The internet is filled with different types of frauds. New types of scams are being created on a daily basis, and some of them include fake free offers, phony products and so on. Google wants to minimize the number of spammers and will ban any advertiser who uses unorthodox methods to promote their products.

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Trademark Keywords or Terms

Many important companies, such as Apple or Gucci, have filed complaints to Google claiming that there are some advertisers who target their trademark keywords. These advertisers use unethical techniques claiming that they offer similar products of better quality and smaller prices.

Poor Websites

In order to improve the browsing experience of Internet users, Google has created a standard for all the websites created for advertising. Websites with low-quality designs or content are usually targeted by Google penalties, especially the so-called landing pages that are created only with the intention of promoting an affiliate link.

Phony Products

We don’t need to mention the fact that promoting counterfeit products is illegal; therefore Google does not accept advertisers who promote such products. What’s even worse is that some users promote fake products as real products just to rip customers of their money.

Paying Invoice

If you don’t pay your invoice on time, you will get your account banned even if you respect all the other rules. You need to pay in order to use this service.


Violating other Google policies

Besides the Google product policies, there are also other rules that you need to respect in order to avoid getting your account banned. For example, there are also the webmaster guidelines that you need to respect. You will definitely get your account banned if you use black hat SEO techniques or stuff your website with low quality content.

How to reinstate your Adwords Account

You need to know that there are some chances to reinstate your banned Adwords account! You need to contact Google and request to reactivate your account in case you made a small mistake! Many individuals don’t take the step of contacting Google simply because they believe that they won’t get a response.

However, Google’s support team has grown considerably in the last couple of years.

It will take somewhere between 1 day and 3 months to get your account back, depending on your case.



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  1. I have one questions, If I open a new account, and I use for instance a work computer where I had accessed my banned account – can they track me or once I have opened the account successfully I can use any computer. Also if support contacts me about my suspended account when my IP address etc is changed can they track my new IP.

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