Has Your Adwords Account Been Suspended? Find Out Who Makes That Decision

PPC campaigns and the use of Google Adwords is quite a popular practice for online marketers and advertisers. However, one must keenly and strictly follow all the policies provided by Google in order to take advantage of these opportunities.


Otherwise, your account will get suspended. Some people call it being sandboxed or slapped by Google but it generally means the same thing; you can no longer use the Adwords and your PPC campaigns are stalled until you get out of the sandbox. Although this is very possible especially if you have broken one or two rules that are simple to correct, it can be a daunting task. This is mainly because most of the time, you do not know the people who made the decision to suspend your account.

Who suspends Google Adwords accounts?
Google provides customer support technicians known as account representatives who are basically messengers. They work is to assist clients with a few inquiries but mainly provide information they are given to the client or other shareholders. Google also has another set of technicians known as editors. These are the people who go through your website and accounts to determine if you are violating Google’s policies. When they find one or more violations that warrant suspensions, they probably won’t go through the whole site. Editors are the ones who make the decision to suspend accounts. For instance, if you are using Google’s platform to sell cheap quality counterfeit products, you may soon end up in the sandbox.

Did AdWords ban your account?
AdWords insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account back online - and how you can easily and safely open a new AdWords account.

What to do when sandboxed
As long as your accounts are sandboxed, your business operations are halted and you are losing money in turn. It is important to get your accounts back and running although this may not happen as quickly as anticipated. In most cases, editors will only leave a few notes of the reasons that warranted the suspension. When you call account representatives (who are generally unconcerned and unaware of the violations) they will forward the notes (if any) and advise you based on what they were told by the editors. It is, therefore, senseless to take your frustrations on the representatives as they are messengers not involved in the suspension decision. The best chance is to talk to the editors. Unfortunately, there is no direct contact communication with Google editors and the only way is to fill a form which will not necessarily be directed to those who suspended the account.

Realistic solutions
Google Adwords accounts are usually suspended when you violate Google terms and policies. In order to get out of the sandbox, you must review your website and correct the mistakes. The best way is to call your representatives and find out whether you have been suspended. Once you are sure, kindly request any notes from the editors and see their reasons for suspending your accounts. The next step is to read through Google terms, conditions and policies thoroughly. Go back to your site and find the areas where you may have violated the rules.

If it becomes overwhelming, you can consider professional assistance and call experts who will review your site and identify the faults. After correcting the mistakes, Google should reactivate your accounts within a few days





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  1. In the world of internet marketing, there may not be anything I would find to be as frustrating as having my AdWords (account) Suspended. In actual fact, Google has a policy of not tolerating anyone that violets their terms and conditions. If Google has reasons to think that I violated their terms and conditions, my account may be suspended and when an account is suspended, its (the account’s) ads are stopped from running. Additionally, all the related AdWords accounts are also suspended. Even though I may still have access to that account & reports, I will be discontinued from advertising with AdWords. What are the most common reasons to why our Google AdWords accounts get suspended?

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