How AdWords Destroyed My 50K/A Month Locksmith Business

At the beginning of this month, Adwords banned my account indefinitely, without any warning.

We have been offering locksmith services in Atlanta for more than 4 years. Business has been really good, we could expand our operations exponentially because we offered great  service to our clients at a lowest possible price.

Running a locksmith business in Atlanta is extremely competitive and some competitors are just scamming people out of a lot of money.

We have been using AdWords to drive traffic to our site and promote our business for year. In the last couple of months some of our competitors tried to get our AdWords account suspended because they didn’t like our low prices and positive customer feedback we received online.

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They have been using several different fake Google accounts to report our ads for being fraudulent or complaining about our service online to get us banned from AdWords.

I believe in fair competition because it makes companies operate more efficient and also ensures customers always get the best service possible, I just believe that using illegal tactics to get people banned from AdWords is not only unethical but it is also illegal.

After our AdWords account has been suspended we tried to reach out to Google to explain to them that we have become the victim of illegal and unfair methods to get our AdWords account shut down.

We provided Google with all our permits and documentation that we are offering at 100% legal locksmith service in Atlanta, it took AdWords almost 2 weeks to process our Appeal, the answer we received was very disappointing.

The customer service representative who was dealing with our case decided to send us some pre-written email without mentioning our evidence and arguments why our AdWords account should be reinstated.

Even we were in full compliance with all the AdWords terms and conditions (our business was operating 100% legally in Atlanta) Google still banned us for life from ever using AdWords again.

The most frustrating point about this experience is that our competitors were able to shut our your business down by using fake Google accounts and false accusation. It’s just unbelievable that you as a business owner has no chance to actually defend yourself against unfair competition.

First I thought I might do the same and create some fake Google accounts to get my competitors suspended from advertising on Google. In the end, I decided against it because it’s not how I do business. I still have ethical values I adhere to.

My second plan was to set up a new company under a new name as well register a new AdWords account to promote my locksmith business.

It took less than 30 minutes until my account got suspended again. The reason was ‘Google Adwords Suspended for Circumventing systems’.

At this point, I got really worried that I might never be able again to use AdWords to promote my locksmith business.

I did some research online and I came across a guide called Get AdWords Unbanned. To be honest, I did not think it would work but I thought I will try it anyway and to my surprise, the step-by-step instructions worked really well and I had my ads back on Google in less than three days.

If you are AdWords account has been banned or you worried you might get your account disabled please leave a comment below and share your opinion with us.


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