How AdWords Destroyed My Ecommerce Business

AdWords is a Google advertising system which lets advertisers bid on particular keywords if they want their clickable ads to appear in Google search results. It lets advertisers to choose where their ad will appear and it lets them set a budget that is comfortable for them. You have no minimum spending commitment and you can pause or stop anytime.


Google AdWords can be really good advertising plays but only if you know how to use it. Understanding the way how Google AdWords work is really hard and they have a lot of terms and conditions that you have to follow if you do not want to get banned. But, because, as we said earlier, it is hard to follow everything, you might not want to start using Google AdWords. There are a lot of people who used to promote their business on AdWords but they got their account banned, and usually they don’t know the reason behind this, and they lost everything.

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There are a lot of examples which will prove this to you and we have chosen one about a person who used promote his beach accessories business on AdWords, but they banned him and destroyed his business.

This guy started selling his products 12 years ago on eBay. He was earning very well by selling shoes and beach accessories, but eBay fees took away a lot of his profit. That’s why he decided to start his own e-commerce site. His sales doubled every month for the first year and the more he was spending on AdWords the more products he was selling. He says that using adverse instead of eBay was more profitable for him.

Because, as we said earlier, eBay had very high fees he decided to stop selling on eBay. Apart from the high fees, another reason why he decided to quit eBay, was eBay’s support staff who were very incompetent and arrogant.


For the next couple of years his business grew into a serious enterprise. They made a lot of money, and spent a lot of money on AdWords every month. He was very happy with what he had achieved until AdWords suspended his account. His dream of having a successful Beach accessories enterprise turned into a nightmare. He tried to contact AdWords but he soon discovered that they did not have a customer service number. He then tried to contact them by email but all he got as a reply were computerized pre-written replies. He even tried to contact them with physical letters but this did not to bring any results either.

He tried opening a new account on AdWords but always failed because his account didn’t go through the review process. Even if they managed to do so, she got banned every time because they could link his old account with the new ones.

He was really ashamed and he could call hardly sleep because he felt he had just lost everything. He couldn’t dare to tell anyone because they were all so proud of him and were surprised that he could build such a successful business.

We hope that reading this story will make you consider whether you want to open an AdWords account and spend a lot of money on it or not.



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