How AdWords Destroyed My Holiday Apartment Rental Business

I am renting out several condos to holiday-makers in Thailand. I started that business around 4 years ago. I always got the most profitable and highest paying tenants using AdWords. Last month AdWords banned my account. 


I am still able to find tenants via different online booking websites, but competition on those sites is pretty stiff.

I am renting out 10 luxury condos to travelers, after AdWords suspended my account I had to lower the rental price almost 50% on my condos. I am really loosing a lot of money because AdWords decided to destroy my business.

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I was in contact with several different Google representatives trying to get my AdWords account reinstated. I had no success whatsoever. They referring to some stupid terms and condition without telling what exactly got me banned from Google AdWords. This is the most frustrating experience I ever had with Google AdWords.

I feel like they treat me scum. Basically they are telling we don’t want your business. Even I spend a lot of money everyday on placing Ads with AdWords.


The issue is that there are different quality levels of traffic you can buy. Google AdWords is ‘grade a’ traffic. In comparison Facebook is ‘grade c’ traffic. Facebook traffic just does not convert, which makes it very expensive to use them.

Facebook might work for multinational companies, who are working on generating awareness for there brand. However, it does NOT work for SME (small and medium enterprises). In comparison Google AdWords traffic converts like crazy. People using AdWords are actually just one step away from buying, Facebook users are just checking out what their friends are up to without any intention to spend any money.

When renting out condos, you always looking for ‘stupid’ tenants who have no idea how much rent local people would pay. AdWords helped me to charge double or sometime even triple of what local people would pay for a similar condo.

After getting suspended from AdWords, I just can not find those ‘stupid’ tenants anymore. Some readers might think I used to rip off poor holiday-makers. People need to understand I am running a business here with the aim to make the highest possible profit.


Without having AdWords I am really suffering financially. It drives me crazy seeing other landlords adverting their condos online, for prices I am not able to charge anymore without placing Ads with AdWords.

After having experienced seeing my business being destroyed in front of my eyes by AdWords I am at point that I know I have to find a legal way to be able to star using AdWords again for getting my condo business back on track.

I know I will never be able to reinstate my old account. The only way is to start over with a new AdWords account.

I already tried four times to open a new Google AdWords account. However, I don’t know for some very unexplainable reason they where always able to link my account to the banned one. I am not giving up. I will not stop until I am back on AdWords.



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