How AdWords Destroyed My Vietnamese Visa Business

I was a Vietnamese AdWords user until they decided to cancel my account. I sold on my site an invitation letter tourists need to enter Vietnam with a Visa On Arrival. It’s a very competitive niche. if you search for Vietnamese Visa on Arrival in Google you will see ads all over the place.



It’s a 100% legit business. The only issue is that the competition is so fierce that my competitors tried successfully to get my AdWords account banned.

I am not sure how they managed to do that, but they must have some really dirty tricks to get me suspended.

I feel AdWords should never allow a competitor to ban an other Adwords user. The issue is that there are millions of business using Adwords so it might be kind of difficult for Google to make the right the decision when they ban an account.

In my case they definitely made the wrong decision in suspending my AdWords account. I tried to find someone at Google to talk with. I had really no luck. There is no way you can find someone who actually does a fair review or explains why the AdWords account has been blocked.

I did what most people would do in this situation. I had to save my Vietnamese Visa Business. Only source of customers in my case was Google.

I opened 4 different AdWords accounts, with having them blocked and suspended within 72 hours every-time.

I have to take care my family and that Vietnamese Visa Business was my only source of income I had. I really want to get my business back.