How My OEM Business Got Ruined After Google Banned My Adwords Account

I am an online marketer and for more than nine years I was running various types of online businesses and was fairly successful in them.


Then from 2006, I started my eCommerce business and I began selling various substances through my e- shops. With the emerging popularity of eBay I began to shift my selling to eBay and built a very successful business line. From my marketing research I find that there is an increasing demand for cheap China made computer accessories and some electronic items. I had a steady line of demand for my products over eBay.

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To further increase the reach of my business, I built a website as a way of promoting sales of my OEM computer parts and thought of various ways of promoting them. Out of blue I found that I can get good line of visitors to my sales pages by using Google Adwords. I began my investment in Adwords campaign and it really helped me get more visitors and as my products were really unique, cheap and of good quality soon my reputation grew on eBay and I was able to multiply sales figures to my utter satisfaction. To further increase my revenue I began creating separate lines of business for each group of products and created an Adwords account for each of them.


As such during April 2014, I was running 4 adwords account and I was able to realize very good revenue out of my online OEM Computer spares business. Then I created a fifth Adwords Account for my new line of OEM products that I began to source from my Chinese manufacturers. I was carrying my product literature as given by my Chinese sellers and published them through my sales pages. When I created my last Adwords account and began posting my ads, all of a sudden in the beginning of June 2014, I received an email from Google stating that the adwords account I am using now has been banned temporarily for violation of copyright and patent infringements pending verification by their expert group.

I immediately replied that I have not posted any copyright violating material in my website and if so I will find out from my manufacturers and remove them and in the meanwhile grant me access to my adwords account. When this process was on, I found that there is a drastic fall of visitors and sales in my other adwords enabled product lines and on verification I found that Google had taken off all my ads from its network and they are no longer visible. Then on enquiry through phone and email and after numerous attempts I was startled to find that all my AdWords accounts associated with my name has been banned by Google unilaterally without giving any warning or reason for closing all my AdWords accounts.


I was repeatedly contacting Google through all available channels but none of them gave any useful reply or told me how to get over the problem. This brought my business to a complete standstill and I am ruined completely for trusting Google and in spite of the fact that I have been spending over $30,000 per month, it meant nothing for Google and the hard stance taken by it to ban all my accounts all of a sudden without offering me an opportunity to correct the mistake shows its utter disregard to its customers and the way it does its business.

So, do not do the mistake of trusting Google too much and spread your business on other channels also and this is the only way to avoid getting thrown out of your business by the irresponsible act of Google.



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