How NOT To Get Banned From AdWords

Have you had your AdWord account suspended? Discover the top reasons why this happened and how you could avoid these in future.


If you are a budding search engine optimization professional, find out how to become a webmaster and stay out of trouble with AdWords regulations.

Misleading campaigns on AdWords

Even as the world’s leading search engine, Google witnesses scams and deceitful activity regularly. However, the company is very tough as far as detecting and punishing misleading sales and marketing campaigns is concerned.

Any advertiser who promises free services of goods that are not actually free will have his account suspended or worse still, banned. Similarly, if payments fail to materialize from a fraudulent offer, Google can detect this activity and strike its whip.

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Using low quality websites

Your website must attain the standards that Google sets for enhancing user experience. For example, it must have an attractive and inviting layout. At the same time, if there is too little information for the average user, you can rest assured of suspension. Using plagiarized content on your website and social media pages is a sure way of having all your accounts banned, and not just suspended.

For this reason, discover all the approaches of making your website user friendly. Let the navigation from one page to another be smooth.

Avoid using landing pages with the intent of directing users to merchant sites via affiliate links.

Using trademark terms and keywords

By now, you should know that numerous companies have trademarked their names, phrases, and terms. For this reason, you should not use these without express permission from them. This is especially true if you seek to measure your products up to the products from such registered trademarks.

Examples include Disney, Apple, Gucci, Samsung, and Coca Cola among others. Google discourages unethical advertising or marketing where you suggest your brands have better or equal quality to certain respected brands.

Fake products or services

Even in the offline world, selling counterfeit goods is against the law. Consequently, Google would suspend AdWord accounts where owners try to sell fake products. Examples include electronics, clothing and apparel, furniture and appliances. You will get an automatic ban if you advertise fake goods whose branding is similar to legitimate or recognized products.

Failure to pay invoice

Do not forget to pay your invoice for all your Google accounts on time. It makes no sense following all regulations and failing to pay for the services that Google extends to you. You need to process payment in advance, just as you would pay for securing advertising space on your local newspaper.

Violation of other policies

Following the Google AdWords regulations is one thing, and observing all other online protocols is another.

For example, Google can suspend your account if you stuff your web pages carelessly with keywords and key phrases.

At the same time, over-relying on black hat SEO strategies and other unethical practices will invite a suspension soon.

If you think Google suspended your account erroneously, you can contact them and make a complaint. Otherwise, you may have to wait for the suspension to run its course.




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