How To Get Back On Adwords

We know AdWords as the leading online marketing platform where hundreds of thousands of marketers find high quality traffic that converts really well. 


In a bid to win more customers, marketers employ different online advertising procedures. AdWords  one of the leading online marketing platforms used by many advertisers. However, just like any other online account, some strict rules, regulations, and policies have to be adhered to while opening the above account. Often, these policies have led recurrent misunderstanding and conflicts, and sometimes, Google suspends accounts if violated.

That being said, Google recently suspended my AdWord account. I presume that I am going to suffer massive losses in my business if this is not fixed as soon as possible. What can I do to have Google lift the suspension of my account?

Ways to have AdWords account suspension lifted and incredible options to prevent future suspensions

#1. Understand some of the reasons as to why Google decided to suspend your account

Although knowing as well as understanding all the Google’s policies is a daunting task, it is inevitable that you have to do. Fortunately, Google always lets you know when you have violated any policy, and if it is the first time, time will be allowed for you to fix it. Nevertheless, the following are some of the reasons as to why Google suspends an account:

• Policy violations that put other users at risk

• Repeated policy violations

• Failure to settle advertising costs

• Account that shows some similarities as an already-banned account

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Therefore, if you want to avoid your account from being suspended, then avoid the above offenses as much as possible.


#2. Try as much as possible to avoid account suspension and always remain practical

Typically, the ultimate defense against suspension is to prevent it altogether. However, how can you achieve that objective? Here are some few tricks:

• Being proactive means updating your notifications so that you cannot miss an alert when you have mistakenly done something wrong

• Periodically, do a review of Google policies and try to understand them

• If one your ads get disapproval, fix it immediately and never make the same mistake again in the future

• If you have happened to provide a site and it gets criticism, try to establish why and rectify it as soon as possible

#3. Know and understand fundamental Google’s AdWords policies

Yes, it is true that most online marketers are reluctant in understanding all the policies governing AdWords account. As a matter of fact, you do not need to know or even understand everything, just get to know basic and fundamental policies directly related to your industry.

#4. What are some of the consequences when Google’s AdWords account is suspended?

As soon as the account is suspended, here are some of the repercussions:

• Any account related to the suspended one will be suspended as well

• Probably, your merchant account will be suspended

• However, if you attempt to create another account with similar details, it will also be suspended

• Google will terminate the contract of running your ads

Quite often, when an initial disapproval has failed to be fixed correctly, (which can result in account suspension), some advertisers opt to create another account rather waiting for it to be fixed. It is indeed against Google’s policies and eventually, they will catch you up and shut down your new account entirely. Therefore, do not do that whatsoever!


#5. What do to do if AdWords account is suspended?

First and foremost, establish the reason(s) as to why the account is under suspension. Apparently, before the account is suspended, Google sends some warnings and possible ways of fixing the situation. Try finding out if the account has been compromised.

Inherently, the account is put on suspension if you have failed to settle advertising costs. Check your balance and if insufficient, add more funds and contact AdWords letting them know that you have paid the bills.

Besides that, AdWords accounts can be suspended if other policy violations are committed. For instance, detection of suspicious behaviour is payment activities, and so on.

For such cases, you need to fix the violation(s), compile a report indicating the changes you have made, and fill an appeal form. In most cases, after appeal review, the suspension will be lifted if terms and conditions of the policies were not primarily violated.



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  1. I used to sell replica watches and sunglasses. I am banned from using AdWords to promote my business. Google AdWords is a professional advertising system and hence they expect everyone who advertises with the search giant to be legit and offer good, honest services and goods.

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