Banned by Adwords – How To Get Back On AdWords

The last weeks have been a real nightmare. After I got banned from AdWords, my business came to a standstill.

I was under so much pressure I even had to take some antidepressant drugs. I spend two years of my life building this company; suddenly from one day to the other, I was facing the serious threat of losing my business forever because AdWords suspended me.

I spend two years of my life building this company; suddenly from one day to the other I was facing the serious threat of losing my business forever because AdWords suspended me.

I tried to open new AdWords accounts about 6 times. Based on my online research in all different kind of forums, I deleted my cookies, used new credit cards and changed my name. Every time I completed the registration, I was monitoring the status of my ads all the time. However, they Ads just would not show even after a couple of days. I contacted AdWords support, and they just explained to me in a short email that my account has been suspended indefinitely, without going into any details. How cruel is that? AdWords ban accounts, without even telling you.

I did a lot of research online how to get back on AdWords, I also read different eBooks that promised to offer a solution for AdWords Banned customers. However, the author of ‘Get AdWords Unbanned’ Peter Bergmann seems to understand the technology AdWords is using to ban customers best.

My AdWords ban situation was very unique. I was surprised by the level of support theAuthor of this guide gave me. It never took him longer than 12 hours to reply my emails. I thought I would never be able again to advertise on Google again, I could almost not believe when my Ads were live again.

I think the solution will only work for people who really follow this guide step by step. If you leave one step out, you will get banned again.

The only negative thing would be the price. However, I am back in business so the investment I did with ‘Get AdWords Unbanned‘ definitely paid off.

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72 thoughts on “Banned by Adwords – How To Get Back On AdWords

  1. AdWords truly ruined my translation service business
    AdWords was my primary source of traffic for my online translation agency. That is until for some reason they suspended my account.
    Previously I had been working as a translator with the government but then I decided to start my own practice online. AdWords became my main source of revenue.
    In no time I was making $4000 from ad revenue on my website and things were great. I decided to concentrate on my online business which gave me an opportunity to work from home so I quit my government job. Then came the email that struck me like a sledgehammer.

    Your account has been deactivated and this is final. Any payment of the corresponding balance in your Google AdWords has also been blocked.

  2. Before I attempt to try and get back on Adwords I have been going over everything mentally because I think I have the option to skip some of the steps. I can use my wife email address, I live at an apartment complex and can use the business center for a new computer to make Adwords account that alone should eliminate steps 1-6 for me. I have a new domain name, I have a new credit card with my name, and I can use an EIN because I didn’t originally have one and used SSN the first time around. I can use wife’s phone number.

  3. Reading from your comments, I know how you feel guys. Yes my account AdWords account was banned, but I was not given any particular reason for the suspension. I have launched my appeal and I am hopeful that Google will reinstate my account.

  4. After AdWords banned my account, I did not sit idle. I kept on sending about 6-8 different mails to inquire about the reason. I wanted to know the reasons for the sudden shut down of my Google AdWords business account. There was nobody to answer my messages. I was just ignored. This is what I get as an associated entrepreneur with a reputed seller site? Google has no value for business relationships? I just felt so perplexed with the entire incident. Does it sound fair that an unintentional fault cannot be approached with leniency? I am a large scale cosmetic goods merchant. Don’t I get to appeal for lenity? Can somebody tell me where did I go wrong?

  5. The first and foremost thing you should do after AdWords suspended your account is to root your phone; this will consequently change your IP address. You should then open an online bank account and make sure you use a browser with no cookies. For security purposes, the AdWords account opened should bear a different name. Spending too much money in a single AdWords account may result in having your account banned.

    Act like you are just starting out on AdWords and only increase your spending slowly.

  6. It is disheartening, how the popular Google AdWords platform, deals with advertisers. With my personal experience AdWords seems to think there is no value of delivering good customer services to its cliental. I have been using AdWords for 5 years. I have been always offering a high end customer service with my business all those years. Well, at least my 97% feedback rating on yelp did not help stop AdWords from banning my account . I fell angry because without any notice, AdWords abruptly suspended my business account for violation of policy. It was a single customer complaint behind the scene. Just one email notification, and my years of sheer dedication was in the dust, and my account was suspended, and my business lost.

  7. When AdWords suspended my account without giving me a good reason why they did so. What I have discovered is that this Google actually does not like you target certain keywords. AdWords banned my account without given me a chance to appeal. I really hate them.

  8. Don’t let AdWords destroy your business. There are ways to get back, it just takes some work but it is worth at the end.

  9. AdWords banned my account and indirectly closed my business at the same time. I One day to the other, I stopped making money with my ecommerce business. In addition to that, once AdWords suspends your account, they never get back to you. In my opinion, I think that that is extremely unprofessional.

  10. I recently registered for Google AdWords and when I tried to log in the second time, I was actually unable and I don’t know why. I already added $100 to the account and I need help to get my money back. If you have solution, I will appreciate if you inbox me.

  11. How long do the accounts last? My website It’s completely legitimate. Right now it has been associated with an other website, which is also legitimate, but in the past google labeled it as a get-rich-quick site.

    Because of this, whenever we’ve created a new account and advertised our site; However, it got banned again. We have done everything, will your guide work?

    1. I was in the same situation. The guide helped to get my AdWords account back without any issues. I am running this AdWords account successfully now for more than 3 years without ever getting suspended.

  12. I don’t know if Adwords watch the billing location regarding the account. ie: Does using our Canadian credit card on a US account can trigger a review?

    I sure will use all the techniques from your guide. I have a new computer ready, waiting for the Dedicated Server, new domains, emails, etc. I’m opting for an older active Adwords account since it looks safer to me also. Money is not a problem.

    My main issue remains funding the account and submitting similar Ads via an entirely different domains, especially when you spend more than $300-$400 daily. I won’t touch vouchers and Virtual Credit Card since I read they are red flag to Google.

  13. We were losing money by every day. we had to pay for our invoices I need to pay for the guys working for me and without any income it was impossible. we went making £5000 to £0. we contacted google and told them we are new business and by suspending our ad words you are killing our business and making 7 people jobless in no time. but haven’t heard any thing from then since now. very rude customer service and don’t know how to solve the problem, I wish there was an alternative for google Adwords, but hope fully we will be back on Adwords with help of Peter’s amazing book and can save some jobs.

  14. We are a new business trying to sell few items for our survival. we launched in January and after launching we spend a lot of money for advertising. specially on Google ad words. as we were new company we borrowed money from bank as a business loan.
    Things were going OK not so good to cover our expenses but good enough to keep us going but one day we received a notification from google that our payment is suspicious and it is under review. we checked all the settings, our address and card number was ok. after 48 hour we received another email saying our account is suspended.

    We tried to contact Google customer service and told the whole story but after putting us on hold the cut our call. tried to appeal but no response at all.

    After getting banned by Google for no reason we Lost 5K in 1 week.
    as we are new business and this is my very first attempt to open a business so there is no chance linking my account with any old one.

    We even don’t have any SEO done as well to work just gone dead

  15. One of my competitors managed to get my Adwords account banned. I am so angry. He just did not like that I was making a lot more money them him. I really hate black hat Adwords users just getting rid of their competition like this. I spoke with the Adwords suspension team, but they don’t believe.

  16. I was selling non branded goods. But still Adwords things I was violation of some trade mark. They even refuse to tell me which trade marked I infringed. I just really hate those bustards.

  17. I have been an active Adwords user for more than TEN YEARS now. My business including my 5 employees is history. I am under so much show, I was even taken to hospital. How can something I build over a decade just vanish like this. I trusted Google. I thought they would be treat me fair after so many years a loyal Adwords customer. But they decided to treat me like s**t. I f***ing hate them.

  18. I was banned from Adwords because I used a computer of a guy who had his account suspended before. After Adwords banned me as well. It really sucks.

  19. I was selling guides how to make solar panels. I had some competitors who were bidding for the same keyword. One of them
    must have created an Adwords account and used my URL for some spam ads so my account got banned. I am so shocked that this could happen.

  20. I got my account suspended indefinitely and without warning by those thugs due to a minor violation. They could’ve told me what to fix, but no, they just swing the Banhammer. Now my business is down 60%. They’re aggressive in banning my new accounts. I’m so depressed and angry. Beware of big G, they can make your life a living hell.

  21. I cant belive my adwords account was banned. I did nothing wrong and they just banned me no warning at 3.30 on a sunday morning. No explanation from google you speak to an automated system no reply from e-mails USELESS. I am FUMING i have paid so much money in advetising to them and they treat me like this
    my business might be over and its googles fault.

  22. My google adwords account got suspended, I have tried to contact google many times. However, they always respond that they are working and need more time.
    Please advise what should I do, I am software development and online software support business.

  23. My account has been put “under review” for the last 5 days. Support told me I should wait 10 biz days before asking them for assistance. This is so ridiculous, they put your biz “on hold” just like that for no reason. I was just told this was an automatic process. Well, if it is, why not let it run till you have time to review it? What I’m I suppose to do with my employees while they are fooling around? I’m thinking about getting the guide to help me get multiple accounts and protect my biz against their highly unprofessional behavior!

  24. I read an interesting article. Adwords has been ordered by a French court to reinstate an account after they banned the Adwords user. I wish that would work here in the US! 🙂

  25. It’s pretty clear from doing basic research that Adwords immediately bans all ads that point to a Clickbank site, automatically and immediately.

    There is probably some legal issue with this which is why they won’t tell you why they have banned your account. Mine got banned immediately after I put up an ad for a clickbank site, and they didn’t even tell me.

    I am pretty sure that you could challenge this ban in a court, as is the comment from the French case above, especially if you slap them with a class action.

    Any lawyers here that would like to claim fame?

  26. As Peter Bergmann says, it’s impossible to un-ban an account regardless of if your guilty or innocent! Creating a new account is all you can do, follow it to the letter guys if your affected.

  27. Why don’t we place a class action suit against Google. This is after all an antitrust issue. If enough of us get together, we can force them to change their ways. I think suing them for lost revenue will be a good place to start. They can’t ignore a couple of hundred million dollar suit and keep their shareholders happy. Any lawyers willing to take up the fight?

  28. This Adwords un-banned guide, shows clear steps to revive a warned account, and for non-US residents to get access to a US address.

    Better than expected, short and clear, gives workarounds but no UN-ban for a killed account.

  29. I loved the $50 Adwords Voucher. At the end this Adwords Unbanned report was free, as got my money I paid for this report back from Adwords. It’s really smart to give this $50 coupon.

  30. I will never forget how Adwords staff dealt with my inquiry why I got suspended from Adwords.

    They just told me, its a secret why u got banned, and we will not tell it you.

    How can they be just so arrogant.

  31. I am grateful for your Adwords Ban article. I’m an other sorry victim too. My organization is innocent. I am able to provide evidence of it. Nonetheless, the Adwords folks are not willing to listen to others.

  32. lisa, I tried so hard, I could not find any alternative. I had no choice to open a new account again with Adwords. It was not easy(!!!)

  33. The Adwords Ban problem is so stressful for me, I had to take some antidepressant drugs as well.

    I will see if this Adwords un-banned guide also works for me.

  34. I am an other Adwords Ban Victim. Why does Google make my life so difficult. There is nobody at Google I can talk with about this Adwords Ban. I also got this email, were they ask me not to contact them anymore. WTF?

    I never dealt with a company acting as arrogant as Google did. Maybe I am wrong, but Google always told us “we are the good guys?”

    If i read the other comments concerning Adwords ban, Google does not look that good to me anymore.

    When did you our good old friend Google turn evil?

  35. Until last week, when Adwords banned my account, I thought I have to shut down my internet business. I had the feeling this was the end to my online business activates.

    This Adwords Ban made me loose thousands of dollars every day. It was just such a nightmare. I spoke with many of my friends if they had any idea what I could do to get my Adwords business, back, but they also could not help me.

    I almost gave up finding a solution, when I came across this blog here.

    First I thought, it would never work. But still I wanted give it a try. I read the guide, but I still had some questions, as my Adwords Ban situation was very specific. I sent the Author of “Get Adwords Unbanned” an email with all my questions, to my surprise it took less than 12 hours until I got a reply from Peter.

    He was very helpful opening the new account for me. If you have been banned from Adwords, this might also help you to get a new working Adwrods account.

  36. I am promoting clickbank products. But for some reason my account was suspended last week. I am still trying to restore the account with Adwords. But until now they were not very helpful. But I am still hoping to get Adwords to restore my account. If not, I don’t know what to do.


  38. Thank you for your review. I also had a good experience with the “Adwords UnBanned” . guide. I am not sure if “Get Adwords Unbanned” or “Adwords Banned” is better.

    I think it would be interesting if you could also do a review on Goldman’s “Adwords Banned” book an compare them both.

  39. I hope Google Adwords will go out of business soon. I was not able to carry on my business after the ‘Adwords Ban’ from Google.

    I am still very angry. I have to get back on Adwords, I am not sure if I should get the “Get Adwords Unbanned” from Peter Bergmann or “Adwords UnBanned” from Tom Goldman?

    Does anyone know which one is better?

  40. I am back on Adwords already 4 weeks. This guide is amazing. Google know A LOT more about you than you could ever imagine.

    You really need the intel ADwords is using to suspended innocent Addwords user in order to be able to fight back.

  41. I am back on Adwords already 4 weeks. This guide is amazing. Google know A LOT more about you than you could ever imagine.

    You really need the intel ADwords is using to suspended innocent Addwords user in order to be able to fight back.


  43. I was also was slapped by Google with an Adwords Ban. I really hope I will be able to beat my Adwords Suspension soon.

  44. I tired changing my IP address and address, but still I get banned from ADwords within 24 hours after I am paying the activation fee. I will give the “Get Adwords Unbanned” ebook a try. I really hope it works for me as well as it did for you guys.

  45. I am an Adwords Ban victim as well. My business was destroyed. I had so much outstanding loans, I was not able to pay back anything, because my cash-flow was ZERO.

    I tried this Adwords Unbanned guide. I am so glad, as it worked. How, did Google just turn into this evil organization?

  46. I am sick and tired of Adwords. I used them for so many years. But over the last years they really started to get very arrogant.

    It feels like living in a city where the is only one shop selling bread. This shop can ask whatever price they like. They don’t even need to care their customers, as there is no alternative place where the could go…

  47. Is this really an Adwords Ban solution?

    I really hope it works. I tried so many time to open account, and I always got banned.



  49. I know how you feel. My personal adwords account is also disabled eternally.

    Once i make contact with Google they just explained: “do not contact us”. The particular strange part of the story is, I do not really know what I did inappropriate. When I asked these folks, they simply stated “we won’t tell”!

  50. Exact same thing occurred me. I manged to get in touch with some big ass supervisor at Adwords.

    Pay attention, there’s just some dumbass pencil neck over there who could not get laid inside high school and now uses his omnipotent ‘legislative authority’ to screw and punish hard working internet marketers with. Pathetic.

  51. I can relate the mental stress you were experiencing and the need to take some antidepressant drugs. Many people don’t understand how stressful situation like this can be. I hope you don’t need any drugs anymore 🙂

  52. My adwords account has been banned without warning. We’ve a web store, and my advertising
    campaigns and search terms were definitely not in violation to Google’s T&C and small print.

    I checked the Adwords t&c’s before starting my advertising campaign. When I launched my campaigns, these were never evaluated. David from customer service explained that we were set and our Ads should be appearing in the Google search results.

    After a month of our own ads being under evaluation, we e mailed Google Adwords and that they responded with an e-mail just about just saying “Oops, clearly, your account happens to be suspended.

    I’m sorry we did not let you know.” After sending emails to different people, they still didn’t want to tell me exactly why my Adwords account ended up being banned. They also told me to never ever contact them again. I did not fully understand, this behavior by Adwords “customer support”.

  53. I am a long time loyal Adwords customer. Last week Google Adwords banned my account. The worst nightmare became reality. I did some research online and I also spoke with some friends how to get back, but nothing was working.

    I was very skeptical before I purchased the ‘Get Adwords Unbanned’ ebook. But it really helped me to get a working Adwords account again. It was definitely worth the investment.

  54. We are managing an online business, one of them relates to click bank. I used adwords to advertise one of my clickbank items. The instantaneously banned my Adwords account. The thing is I also used this suspended Adwords account for my other ecommerce firms.

    I am generating our dollars online, this suspended Adwords account is much like a death sentence to my online activities.

    If I am not getting a functioning Adwords account soon. I will be i serious trouble. Lets hope it will not be like that.

  55. I really liked Google, when the company still was younger. My impression is that they turn more and more into an evil enterprise. I was banned from Adwords, and they just refuse to give me any explanation to what I did wrong.

    It’s not only Google I think eBay and PayPal are getting evil as well.

    The issue is that they only care about there profits. What they have in common, their customer service is very poor. Once you Adwords Banned, you will have no chance to reverse it.

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