How to keep you Adwords account secure and save.

Last month about ten friend of mine contacted me that their Adwords account was banned. Everyone was losing it for the reason that most of their very own cash flow has been immediately deterred over night. Those individuals were  generating thousands of dollars every month and out of the blue got banned from Adwords.

We are not only discussing a, “Oh you cannot run this campaign” style of ban as well. We’re talking about, “If you actually open an extra account by using this credit card, address, ip location you may be banned again” style of banning.

I was lucky as this Adwords ban did not affect me but some friends of mine were hit hard.  I will show you how you can make sure you will get your account not suspended in the first place.

Did AdWords ban your account?
AdWords insider reveals a little-known technique on how to get your banned account back online - and how you can easily and safely open a new AdWords account.

Things you need to stay way from to make sure you can maintain your Google Adwords Account Secure.

Downloading and re-uploading slapped campaigns. – Once in a while, or any time your current campaign becomes Google slapped (which means your own marketing campaigns stop appearing regardless of how high you bid). Usually a surprisingly simple resolution to quickly obtain a new domain, download your own marketing capmagins and re-upload using a brand new domain name.  It could work for a quick time right up until you get banned again.

Google is God in online Advertising, never upset God. Bad karma may fallow you, where ever you might go.


2 thoughts on “How to keep you Adwords account secure and save.

  1. Guys, we have to fight back. How can Adwords just randomly BAN accounts and destroy small businesses of honest working citizen.

    I think it is just DEAD wrong.

  2. I think, there’s just some bored office guy over there who was not bale to date any girls throughout high school and now makes use of his “omnipotent legal power” to mess with really hard working web entrepreneurs. Very unfortunate.

    Same thing happened, I was Adwords Banned. I managed to get in contact. with some big ass supervisor at Google. My account is still not working.

    For anybody who is coping with companies like Adwords you actually MUST always follow their own terms and conditions!

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