Important Tips on How to Avoid Google Adwords Ban

Google is regarded as the king of search engines. It is the best place where you can get an amazing a large number of traffic for your website.


This makes people do anything in order to find themselves among the top pages of Google search results. Google is always looking for ways to remove any sites that seem to spam the users.

This is for affiliates who misuse the Adwords in order to gain sales through their websites. Once Google finds this out, be sure that the site will be banned from the search engine. All the hard work of creating and maintaining the website will go down the pipe in a flash. Below are some important tips to use in order to keep the website running without any bans.

Create informational content

It is quite annoying when you get a link to an affiliate site and all they have is a few pictures of the product without any content at all. The lack of information will not help the potential buyer to know about the product they are buying.

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It is easy to find many people using the same type of landing page that makes it look like a scam. Google does not have mercy for such people. It is regarded as spamming the search engine and the people using the internet. In order to make the internet use better, such websites are normally banned immediately as soon as they launch.

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Follow the instructions from Google

Before you start using the Google Adwords, reading their policies and terms of services is very important. Many people just start violating the terms as soon as they start using the Adwords. They do this because they rarely read about the terms of service. This can be irritating to Google who feel the terms are quite simple and anyone should follow them. Google is always trying to make sure that the internet is a great place to find a lot of information. Violation of their terms means that you are against the idea of making the internet a great place to find information.

Try to achieve organic traffic rather than buying

People will do anything in order to gain traffic for their website. Some will buy traffic while others will depend on the organic traffic. If your website gets more traffic, it means that you will earn more from the Adwords. However, Google has a way of detecting paid traffic. The site will be receiving a lot of traffic, but still does not get any of the ads clicked. People who are paid to visit a site rarely click on the ads. Once Google detects such things, be sure to find a ban on your website.

Stay updated on the new rules from Google

Google will regularly update their rules in order to help in making sure that the internet is an awesome place for people to use.

The new rules will likely affect the Adwords as people use them a lot. Once you know about the new rules, it will be hard to violate any of them at any time.


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