Losing My Business Because Of Google AdWords

I started an  online/website business because I believed it would offer freedom and a new life with my desires. I was interested in travel and had a business that was currently working.


However, I knew that expanding this into an online area would create a different sense of freedom and the ability to create a flexible livelihood with a stronger business presence. When I first began to create my website and build my online business, I believed that there were endless possibilities for growth and a future business. However, it quickly changed with the shifts and controls that come with building online.

My website was built to promote my travel agency business for years. While I had a physical presence, many relied on the Internet to find where to locate me. To continue to build my business, I decided to look into possibilities with advertising online. I worked continuously to add in keywords, SEO and to make it so that I could receive a top position in search engines, specifically with Google. Specifically, I used AdWords, knowing that this would offer a top position in search engines while creating continuity with the information available to potential clients. The more that I advertised online, the more I noticed that my business continued to build and thrive, allowing me to successfully create the travel agency business that I had desired.

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After some time, things changed. Promoting my business through AdWords had become a staple, leading to thousands of dollars in investments over a given period of time. Over night, Google decided to change the expectations and associations with their keywords. While I was following all of the Google guidelines, the changes that were made did not match anymore. Google instantly banned my account, placing it on an auto delete. I woke up one morning to find out that I had no website, no AdWords and that the thousands of dollars that were placed into AdWords led to being instantly erased from the Internet.

Thinking that this was a technical glitch, I began to try to find help from Google to get back online. Finding a customer service representative was close to impossible with the company. When asked, they stated that this was because of a change in rules and that they could not open my account again. From this point, it was a spiral downward. I no longer had the staple to my business advertising that I had before. Loyal customers could not find my travel agency business location or online information. New customers did not know that I existed. My main formula for advertising was gone and I couldn’t get it back.


Google deciding to ban my account didn’t just lead to some headaches that eventually was solved. I lost my business, disappearing into the thin air of the Internet. I was unable to compensate for the loss by changing to physical advertising, as my money had been placed in AdWords and I could not get a return. To advertise my travel agency, I would have to start from square one, re-building the entire business without the Internet.

This automated decision by Google that could not be replaced because of a rule caused me to lose everything without recovery. My travel agency, monetary compensation and the build up of my business is lost to the years spent placing things online.





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