Major AdWords Crackdown

William Westover who works for the AdWords Ads Engineering department banned over 12,000 AdWords advertisers last month.

The ban took place after Google made new changes to the policies used on the network. The move was to crack down on advertisers who abuse the network. It’s therefore essential for you to acquaint yourself with the current policies used in the AdWords network to ensure you avoid being banned.

What is the reason for banning so many advertisers? The action taken by Google resulted in the removal of about 10,000 sites selling fake goods. If you have ever experienced such a crackdown, I bet this would be memorable as it was the highest since AdWords has been introduced.

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Through this action, AdWords banned over 12,000 advertisers who promoted fake products. Some of the users in the AdWords network criticized the action taken by Google by saying the action took a misguided direction.

The argument was after some of the banned users found out that their services or products did not violate any policy or expose consumers to risks. Nathan Anthony head of the Associate Ecommerce Vendor platform stated in June 2018 that some changes in policies were made to be on par with the new regulations.

The statement also pointed out that the changes were aimed to prevent upsetting the consumers who do not like seeing advertisements of some particular types of products in the AdWords Google search results.

The reason for banning so many advertisers is killing thousands of small and medium online businesses.

However, there is evidence that suggests that there are other reasons that led to this drastic crackdown and mass banning of AdWords accounts.

One of the negative impacts that you likely noticed from the crackdown is the decrease of click-through rates on the network. Through this, there is a potential for significant destruction on the Google’s business model.

Understand the policies used for regulating AdWords, many advertisers have gone to online forums to raise their complaints about the policy changes taken by Google.

The complaints from the advertisers led to a significant drop in the number of brands interested in using AdWords for promoting the products and services. The complaints raised by the advertisers should be taken seriously regardless of whether you are an existing or new advertiser.

Even those unprecedented actions taken by Google did alienate many of its advertisers AdWords is just trying to protect and build the reputation of their brand.

The move was also aimed at keeping the company free from regulatory penalties. The following are the benefits offered by adapting to change in policies. Interdicted from AdWords among other advertising platforms, AdWords is the most reliable.

The only negative impact you get when you are part of the network is that you have to abide by the strict AdWords rules and regulations. You are likely to feel frustrated abiding by all the rules.

However, if it is what you have to do to ensure your AdWords campaign does not get banned, it’s worth it.



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