Most Common AdWords Suspension Reasons

I am working online full-time for almost 10 years, recently AdWords has suspended my account. I was actually never aware that it was so easy to get your AdWolrds account suspended. 

I did some research online on what are the most common reasons are why people have their AdWords account suspended.

Policy violation

I believe that 90% of all AdWords accounts which are suspenders have something to do with some kind of  policy violation.

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There are so many AdWords policies that it is almost impossible to know them all. Please find the most common policy violations below:

  • If you are promoting any software which comes with ‘malware’ Google AdWords will suspend your condo right away.
  • Using multiple AdWords accounts to bid for the same keywords.
  • Google also does and like if you use cloaking, are at dynamic DNS to make on authorizing changes to the landing page.

Paying your AdWords fees late

If you’re late paying your AdWords invoice or your Credit Card is declined you will be hit with an Adwords suspension right away.


It is actually possible to get back all the money you paid for you Google ads if you report the  transaction as unauthorized with your bank. The issues that Google will suspend your account indefinitely with no chance of appealing the decision.

Most people who sell online are not aware how easy it is to have your AdWords account banned. In many cases and is unfair and but some cases it is also justified. The biggest issue is that Google is using very advanced algorithms which in some cases ban advertisers unfairly.

Employees dealing with suspended AdWords accounts are actually not directly employed by Google. Usually, they are outsourced to some low-cost countries, e.g. India,  Philippines or Indonesia.

In most cases, people will decide about your AdWords account suspension who have no real understanding of your case. How do you feel if someone who is making one or two dollars an hour has the power to decide if a company spending more than $10,000 every month with AdWords will have their account suspended indefinitely or reinstated.

Google is one of the most profitable companies on that planet, but even they have enough money available to higher skilled staff, they still use low skilled and low-cost workers in developing countries to maximize their profit.

This greesdy behaviour does not only hurt thousands of innocent AdWords uses around the world, it also hurts the bottom line of Google.

Building your business around AdWords and trusting that your business can rely on Google AdWords is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can do.

If you are running an eCommerce business make sure that you diversify your traffic and not on the rely on one traffic source.

During my research online on AdWords account suspensions, I came across hundreds and hundreds of users who had horrible experiences with AdWords.

The only way we can understand better how Google is treating its advertisers is by sharing our stories. Difficult below and let us know your experience you had with AdWords.




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