Most Common Reasons Why AdWords Suspends Advertisers

One of the best ways of advertising online is by the use of Google AdWords campaign. It is an effective way that most advertisers have always opted to explore.


But it so happens that sometimes Google is forced to ban out advertisers from using this unique advertising platform. Google has always made it clear that some practices are not allowed and thus don’t form part of advertising agreement. Breaching any agreement will result to automatic ban from this advertising platform.

What are the Common Causes?

Here below are some of the common causes of getting a ban from AdWords.

  • Misleading Ads

An advertiser using AdWords is supposed to place ads that are real. Misleading ads on this platform are severely punished by facing a ban. Therefore, it is expected that an advertiser should place only real ads that do not mislead viewers.

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  • Low Quality Websites

The Google standards are very high and thus require advertising partners to maintain the same high quality. A low quality website faces a possible ban from this advertising platform. This is in a bid by Google to maintain their high standards.


  • Not Paying Invoice on Time

It is always important to pay your invoice in time. Failure to pay in time will automatically result to a ban. This is because there is always high demand for ads space and only those who pay will be honored with these spaces.

  • Targeting Trademark Keywords

As part of promoting a brand, advertisers are encouraged to use the right keywords to get more traffic. The use of trademark keywords such as Gucci, Apple, Disney and Nike among other top popular brands will result to a ban. This ban will be effected because Google are concerned with protecting trademarks and thus cannot allow the use of trademarks as part of key wording.

  • Fake Goods

It is important to sell only original products when you use Google AdWords as an advertising platform. If by any chance Google discovers that an advertiser is selling fake products, a ban will be effected on such an advertiser. Fake Rolex and fake iPhone are just some of the leading fake products that have seen many advertisers banned out of AdWords.

  • Free Offers That Aren’t Really Free

Advertisers offering free offers that aren’t really free also stand a high chance of being banned out. This is an area that has seen many advertisers offering free download- which are actually limited to functionality- banned.

The above mentioned are some of the common reasons why AdWords ban advertisers from using this advertising platform. Avoiding these common mistakes will keep advertisers in line with Google’s requirements and thus avoid being banned.



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