Most Likely Reasons Why AdWords Has Suspended Your Account

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Did AdWords ban your account? There is a good chance your suspension reason is listed below:

1. Using deceptive or misleading content

Google AdWords promotes ethical and honest business practices, using misleading content or deceptive ads can lead to a ban or suspension.A good example is when a business puts up ads that say a product costs $10, while customers are charged $15 for the same product because of some hidden fees etc.

Did AdWords ban your account?
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2. Using multiple accounts for the same product

In the bid to get more exposure and attract more clicks, some advertisers register multiple accounts for the same product or service to game the system. Having multiple AdWords accounts is allowed by Google under some circumstances. All the accounts must promote different products and services. The principle is – one AdWords account for one product. So, using multiple accounts for the same product or service, for the purpose of having more ads, leads to suspension or ban from AdWords.

3. Dealing with products or services that are illegal

AdWords has no tolerance for illegal products and services. Therefore, Google AdWords does not allow the promotion e.g. poisonous chemicals, criminal activities, dangerous drugs etc. Businesses that try to promote illegal goods will have their account suspended right away.

4. Sharing AdWords accounts

When AdWords notices this kind of violation, the account will be suspended immediately. In many cases, businesses fall victim to account sharing because their account has been hacked. It is for that reason that Google AdWords recommends that account holders use strong passwords and keep their account information safe.

5. Defaulting on AdWords payments

AdWords is not a charity organization. They expect businesses that use their services to pay for the services on time.

6. Promoting fake products and services

AdWords suspended accounts usually result from promoting or selling products and services that are inauthentic or violating some Intellectual Property.

It is against Google’s policies to promote fake products to customers because the customers end up suffering the consequence. To this and, businesses that register and AdWords account are required to sell only original products.

7. Google AdWords Chargebacks

When a business requests that their bank or credit card company reverse legitimate payments made to GoogleAdWords for using the AdWords service, this will lead to a lifetime suspension.

The goal of AdWords besides making a lot of money is to offer promotional and advertising services for businesses to expand their reach and grow their business.

Abiding by GoogleAdWords policies will benefit all — the business, the customer, and GoogleAdWords.

About AdWords:

AdWords or Google AdWords is an advertising service provided by Google to businesses that want to display ads about their products and services in Google’s Google search results on their partner network.

The service works on a pay-per-click basis, meaning that the business will get charged whenever someone clicks the displayed ads.

The ads work based on keywords which different advertisers bid for the highest position. Although this service is one of the most effective for businesses to promote their brands online, many registered accounts get their AdWords suspended without any warning.


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