My AdWords Horror Story

He was known to give interviews about his success in internet marketing. He set his travel agency in April 2007. He had a purpose in his business; being rich and accumulating a lot of wealth.


He had read a lot of books on how to be rich, read hundreds of blogs and articles on the same. His travel agency business was not doing great as it relied more on salespersons. In the year 2008 his business decided to employ a content developer and an internet marketing guru. This move was great has in the coming months, it would set up is business to glory.

The main strategy of this business relied on using paid advertising. This started with Google AdWords. There was a need of investing in learning about how AdWords work and how they can be used to leverage the company business. Therefore, Dancan spent a good amount on his training and that of his Internet marketer. After three months of learning and trials, they started using AdWords in late 2008. He generally built his travel agency business around AdWords. This is because the platform was able to deliver targeted traffic that also converts.

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For the coming months, the agency business thrived and grew. One day in 2014, out of the blue, the AdWords account was permanently banned. At first, he thought this was a mistake and the email message was not meant for him. For five to six years, he has been running same AdWords campaigns, with minimal changes. The AdWords fees were always paid on time. There is no time that he had to bid on particular prohibited keywords. In addition, the packages and service his travel agency business was offering never infringed any copyright. There is no single moment he remembers of infringing the terms of service.

They had no clue why the account was banned. We tried to contact the support team so that we can help each other. As much as we tried to contact them several times, we got only same response that they are unable to specify the reasons for banning our account. They will complete their response by telling us to refrain from contacting them. The experience wasn’t good at all. In the next few days, our leads had dropped, our traffic plummeted, we were really losing a lot of money and I had a staff of 12 employees I needed to pay monthly, not forgetting our weekly team building that would also cost a lot.


I believed everything will be back to normal shortly. However, this would not be the case. I opened a new account and created campaigns that went live. Unfortunately, in less than two days, my account was banned again. I could not believe this. I later learned that I was banned for life.

This marked the collapse of my business. I had to resize my staff to only 5 employees, but as of today, the business exists only by name. I have not given up in my journey to get rich again, but not with AdWords.



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