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Adwords Disabled

I did some research in different online forums and it was shocking to read all those horror stories people were experiencing with Google and how they got their Adwords account disabled. One Adwords disabled horror story that really got me came from a good friend of mine (Bob), he owns an e-commerce business selling perfumes.

Bob used to import perfumes such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, DKNY etc. from the US to sell in the UK market. Those are gray imports as he does not have any distribution rights by the trade mark owner.

Last year suddenly he got Adwords disabled. Bob has a wife and one 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son who just started school.

Bob used to make a decent money with his business, however, being Adwords disabled, did not only destroy his business but also is jeopardizing the future of his family.

After Bob got Adwords disabled, he was forced to find a new job. He is working now as ‘Customer Service Representative’ for a UK tour operator. He barley makes more than $1400 after taxes. His wife stays at home to take care the 5 year old daughter. Adwords banned means they can not afford to go out for dinner, go on holiday or even own a car.

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What Adwords and Google don’t seem to understand, that their decision to ban someone changes lives for the worse. Adwords banned means people loose their businesses, their jobs and their lively-hood.

As Adwords own a virtual monopoly on online advertisement they need to introduce some kind of process to offer Adwords customer who were banned to reappeal this decision. There has to be a fair and independent entity who controls the process. Adwords disabled means to many people, their financial existence is being destroyed. It time to end this cruel and evil behavior by Google when the randomly ban Adwords accounts.

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