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I was suspended from Adwords, my business was very badly affected. Not being in control of the entire situation was the worst think. Depending on others people Goodwill always made me feel sick.

Top 7 Reasons AdWord’s Bans Accounts

Google AdWord’s is one of the most effective methods when it comes to promoting your business online.

However, many advertisers get banned because they just don’t follow the rules and regulations set out by AdWord’s. Failure to do this will result in a lifetime AdWord’s ban. Continue reading Top 7 Reasons AdWord’s Bans Accounts


How to keep you Adwords account secure and save.

Last month about ten friend of mine contacted me that their Adwords account was banned. Everyone was losing it for the reason that most of their very own cash flow has been immediately deterred over night. Those individuals were  generating thousands of dollars every month and out of the blue got banned from Adwords.

We are not only discussing a, “Oh you cannot run this campaign” style of ban as well. We’re talking about, “If you actually open an extra account by using this credit card, address, ip location you may be banned again” style of banning. Continue reading How to keep you Adwords account secure and save.