Top 6 AdWords Account Suspension Reasons

One of the most frustrating things on internet marketing is having your AdWords account suspended.


Well, Google has no policy to tolerance. If you go against their terms of doing business, your account will surely be suspended and banned. To make it worse, it will be impossible for you to create a new account with the same name. In addition you can’t drive followers to the same domain through AdWords account ever. This spells out doom to your business. So, how can you avoid suspension of your AdWords account?

In this brief article, I will bring you up to speed with the 6 most common reasons why AdWords suspends account. To effectively enjoy the benefits of using AdWords in internet marketing, you should avoid the following common mistakes.

  1. Posting deceitful ads

If you are posting misleading ads like promising free products or offering incredibly low prices, your ads will be pulled down immediately and have your AdWords account banned. Google has a strict policy to all advertisers to offer genuine products and services. So there is no point of posting ads that are based purely on driving more traffic to your business rather than offering decent products. Therefore, consider posting ads according to AdWords rules on ads.

  1. Low quality websites

This may not sound like such a big deal, but the quality of your ad website has a lot to do with how professional it is. Companies which are only looking to make money will not put a lot of time and money to create user friendly websites. And, this is a clear indication of how unprofessional they are – probably even illegal. Ads with poor websites will be pulled down until a better one is provided.

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  1. Selling illegal goods

This is a big NO. If you are selling knock offs secretly, do not do it through AdWords. This is a professional platform that offers professional listing websites. Therefore, they expect everyone offering ads through them to be legit and offer good, reputable goods and services.

  1. Your payments details cannot be confirmed

This is well known to many if not all. If you cannot pay for your ads or your payment details cannot be confirmed, your privileges and rights to use AdWords will disappear. To avoid this, make sure all payments are made on time. AdWords does not tolerate delayed invoices.

  1. Having a malware

This is another reason for your AdWords account to get suspended. If your website installs programs on a user’s computer without his or her consent, this will obviously make him or her unhappy. The user will raise a complaint on Google and have your account suspended.

  1. Hacked website

Google doesn’t list “hacked websites” as one of the reasons for having AdWords accounts suspended. But, this can also get your account suspended. In case your website is hacked and redirects traffic to a low quality landing-page, Google will be forced to put the AdWords account into suspension.

Well, those are the 6 most common reasons why AdWords suspends accounts. I hope the information has been of great help.



One thought on “Top 6 AdWords Account Suspension Reasons

  1. Once you had your AdWords account banned, it almost certainly means you cannot sell any of your goods or services on your website anymore. There are no real alternatives to AdWords. If you try enquiring with Google about the status of the suspended AdWords account, they will most certainly advise that they will not reinstate your account.

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