Top 7 Reasons AdWord’s Bans Accounts

Google AdWord’s is one of the most effective methods when it comes to promoting your business online.

However, many advertisers get banned because they just don’t follow the rules and regulations set out by AdWord’s. Failure to do this will result in a lifetime AdWord’s ban.

Here are the most common reasons why your AdWord’s account might has been banned:

1. Deceptive content

Misleading ads is one of the most common reasons people get banned from AdWord’s. It could involve for example giving false information about your products, services or your website. It is always advisable, to be honest when advertising your products. For instance, if in your advertisement the price of your product is $20 and then you charge your customers $25, it might be viewed as false information. Deceptive content also involves using another person’s product as your own without authorization. If you must use a product that is not yours then ask for permission.

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2. Failure to adhere to AdWord’s policies

Every organization has its own rules and regulations which users must follow. Failure to adhere to these rules consequences might follow. So, if you are found to be in violation of any the AdWord’s policies your account will get suspended. This includes deceptive content, prohibited practices, restricted content and editorial and technical practices. To be on the safe side ensure that you read all the policies and understand them.

3. Having multiple accounts

Advertising the same product or website It is not wrong to have more than one account. It is allowed. The problem comes when you have three or four accounts promoting the same products or services. It is an idea of every business person to be successful. You might, therefore, try to take a shortcut and create multiple AdWord’s accounts in order to have more Ads promoting your business show up in the Google search results. But as soon as Google realizes this, your account will be banned. AdWord’s only allows one account for one business.

4. Dealing with illegal products or services

The first priority of AdWord’s is to keep its business and its consumers safe. It is a business just like any other business. For this reason, they will not allow illegal products to be promoted through their account. This includes products that may put consumer’s health at risk, selling illegal products such as dangerous drugs, poisonous chemical or promoting criminal activities might lead to immediate termination of your AdWord’s account.

5. Sharing an account

AdWord’s suspended account could be as a result of sharing. Sharing an account is not allowed. Sometimes, it may not be your idea to share your account with someone. It might be hacked. To prevent this, keep information concerning your account a secret. Make sure that you have a strong password that will it hard to hack. Avoid sharing your account as much as possible.

6. Failure to pay AdWord’s fees

If you sell a product or a service you expect payment in return. The same applies to Google AdWord’s. It is a business aiming to make a profit through their services. If you don’t pay them they will prevent you from accessing their services.

7. Fake products and services

AdWord’s suspended account might be as a result of selling fake products and services. This involves dealing with a product which is an imitation of the original one To avoid this, ensure that you sell original and high-quality products. Be careful when picking your products. Make sure they are not fake.

The above are the most common reasons. There are other less common reasons why your AdWord’s account to get suspended  as well. Such includes violating Google terms and policies repeatedly, unauthorized access and trademark issues among others. If you avoid these mistakes your account will be safe.



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