Top FIVE Reasons AdWords Suspends Accounts

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As you may already know, if any of Google’s terms of services are violated, your Adwords account will get banned immediately.

However, these are not the only reasons why this will happen. There are other common reasons why your account can get banned. Let’s delve in and take a closer look at 5 common reasons why Google will pull the plug on your Adwords account.1. Using blacklisted IP addresses

Many people use VPN’s (virtual private network) to hide their IP address and to get unrestricted access to geo-restricted contents or hide their IP address because they want to maintain anonymity for security reasons.

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This could easily cause a serious penalty from Google, in some cases even the suspension of their AdWords account.

Why? Many scammers use VPN to do fraudulent business transactions and other unwanted or illegal activities that Google can’t tolerate if, Adwords wants to maintain its integrity. The truth is, you can be using VPN for good reasons and always conduct legal business transactions online.

However, Google AdWords doesn’t know if you are someone who will do fraudulent activities online, especially a significant number of people use these services for distributing spam. The worst part is that an honest business person gets to suffer the consequences. It is unfair, but this is one of the most common reasons why your Adwords account is banned.

2. Using prepaid credit cards

If you don’t know, they are used for fraudulent business transactions online all the time. Guess what? Google see prepaid credit cards as unsafe. So, if you are unaware (or naive) and you use them to make payments, this could easily raise red flags and could cause serious problems for you and also could get your Adwords account suspended, or worse, banned.

Why does Google see prepaid credit cards as unsafe? They do not control spending and lack protection and very attractive to people who have a poor or bad credit score, which is ideal for scammers or unscrupulous people to use. Although they (prepaid credit cards) are certainly convenient, allowing you to use them as bank accounts, the sad reality is that you are not required to get a credit check or a background to have one. To avoid getting banned, you should be very careful when and how to use them or eliminate them completely (if possible). That’s if you do not want to suffer for other people bad behavior.

3. Your account shows what Google calls ‘high-risk patterns’. What does this mean?

If you make payments online that do not match the personal information (address, name etc.) you might do this for some valid reasons, but it can easily get your Adwords account suspended or banned. A sudden spike in your ads budget could be seen as suspicious, even if you were just testing out some new campaign. Again this could get your AdWords account suspended overnight.

4. Your website does not follow Google Adwords policies

These could be plagiarism, gambling contents, poorly coded site, and other reasons.

5. Your website contains malicious ads, sites, or even apps.

These would get your Adwords account suspended or banned immediately.


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