Top Five Reasons Why AdWords Bans Advertisers

Google is quite strict about their ad policy and the company wants advertisers that are honest and truthful.


There are many reasons why AdWords would consider to ban advertisers, here are the top five:

1. Misleading ads are used.

The number one reason why AdWords bans advertisers is because they post misleading ads that try to confuse or harm the consumer. AdWords is very strict about their ad policy and they don’t want their reputation to suffer. Google, the owner of the AdWords advertisement network, wants ads that give all the information to the consumers, so they can make an informed decision about the product or service which the advertiser is marketing.

2. Advertisers try to target trademarked keywords.

Examples of such words are “Gucci” “Disney” and other kinds of words that can’t be used without a license. The people who are marketing their product or service want it to be associated with the names of famous brands.

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They can charge premium prices doing that because their products are perceived as better than their competitors.


3. Low quality websites is another way to get banned from AdWords.

Google doesn’t like when advertisers have websites that might be unsafe, not user-friendly, very slow, or all of it together. Advertisements which redirect to unsafe websites won’t be allowed because the users could lose sensitive personal information to hackers. Websites that aren’t user friendly might also be rejected, especially if they are full of flashy products or other things which weren’t advertised in the ad. Very slow websites could be rejected because google is losing out on revenue if a consumer clicks on a banner and when your website doesn’t load, he exits it.

4. Selling fake goods is a fast way to get banned on AdWords.

I hope I shouldn’t tell you this, but selling fake goods is illegal (well at least it is in most of the world). You can’t just make an advertisement that says “Hey, get these Nike shoes for a special price!! The quantity is limited so act fast!” and hope to make a lot of money selling fake Nike shoes or other stuff. It is not only illegal but also unethical to do so. I am just telling you please don’t do this, just don’t.

5. Late Payment 

Not paying your invoices on times is the last way you can get banned from the advertisement network. You have to pay for the ads that are being posted, which are marketing your product or service. You shouldn’t expect to good such a high quality marketing service for free. As they say, there is no free lunch in this world. Everyone wants to make their own money, including Google.

All in all, there are a lot of ways you can get banned from any advertisement network, including AdWords. You should be fine if you act ethically and don’t try anything illegal.




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