Living The 4 Hour Work Week

During my last month’s summer vocation in South East Asia, I met a lot of guys making their living online and living in exotic countries such as e.g. Indonesia, Philippines or even Singapore. It’s a quite smart move, as they all earn their money in us dollars.

However, the living costs in those countries are very cheap. I remember, when I stayed in Indonesia last month, I could get a very nice local dinner for 1 usd. People in South East Asia working in a 7-11 shop maybe make about 200 usd a month and live a decent life, if you are earning let’s say 1000 usd online you can live like a king.

I really kind of envy the kind of lifestyle those western people are having there. Beautiful beaches, all year round warm weather, amazingly delicious food.
I read the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ from Timothy Ferriss last year. I was very impressed, actually meeting people living the 4 hour work for real.

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I run an ecommerce business; I am selling all different kind of fashion accessories online. I am working now on a step by step plan how to outsource the whole product fulfillment to warehouse and finally being able to spend more time abroad, exploring new countries and cultures.

Are you living the ‘4 Hour Work Week’? Share your experience, add a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Living The 4 Hour Work Week

  1. I am Indonesian.
    thanks for coming to Indonesia.
    Indonesia also have many internet marketer with thousand $$$$ a month, but only a few people that share it.
    sorry if my english is bad.

  2. I moved to the Philippines 3 years ago. I LOVE IT. Amazing beaches, great food, always sunshine, and we should not forget all the cute girls here!

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