Why Google AdWords Suspended Your Account

AdWords is a pay per click service used to advertise businesses. The advertiser will set up an account and set a limit on how much they want to spend to advertise.


The following are mistakes many make upon opening a new AdWords account.

Using a Prepaid Gift or Credit Card to Open an AdWords Account

Prepaid gift and prepaid credit cards are very popular now days. People use prepaid gift or prepaid credit cards for many things due to the convenience of them. Using a prepaid gift or a prepaid credit card is not a good idea when opening an AdWords account. AdWords is very picky when it comes to their accounts, and they can and do ban people for simple mistakes all the time.

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Using a prepaid gift card or a prepaid credit card to open an Adwords account can draw attention from the Adwords employees and make you seem non legitimate. This could lead to having your account banned. Using a debit card tied to your bank account or an actual credit card is the best thing to do.

The Address for the Credit Card not Matching the AdWords Account Address

Perhaps you have moved and have not gotten around to changing the address on your credit card. This is understandable, but is a red flag when you use the credit card to sign up for AdWords if the address you use to sign up doesn’t match the address on the credit card. This makes the employees of AdWords suspicious and can result in them suspending your account.

IP Address does Not Match the State you use when Signing up for New AdWords Account

The state that your IP address has must be the same state that you have for your new AdWords account. If the states do not match up, then you will likely get a suspended AdWords account. This raises a lot of suspicion to the employees of AdWords and so make sure that your IP address state is the same as the state that you have on your new Adwords account information.

Using a Computer that has had AdWords Blocked on it Before

Using a computer that has had an AdWords account blocked on it before is a good way to get your account suspended. No matter who the computer belongs to or who it belonged to, using it if it has had an AdWords account blocked before is a big mistake.

Setting too High of a Daily Ad Budget

A common mistake most new AdWords users do is setting too high (over $100) of a daily ad budget. Setting too high of an ad budget when starting out is not a good idea because it takes time to build up traffic to whatever website you are advertising.


Copying Other Ads Word by Word

Copying someones AdWords ad word by word is a very big mistake. This is not only disrespectful, but can also possibly lead to legal action by the original ad creator. Be sure to always use your own words when creating and ad for Adwords.

Avoiding these mistakes can help make you a successful Adwords user.





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