Why I love Adwords

Google Adwords is a amazing. If you sell online there is NO alternative. My sales increased by 400% after I started to using Adwords. Adwords helped me to market my goods to a broader market which was not the case before. I would like to share my Adwords experience with you.

I was a petty trader before. I had a small automotive spare parts shop in my town. The business was ok but not great. I was quite happy the way the business was going on. I did not need much money as I stayed alone. I was okay with the profits I made. However things changed once I had a family. The expenses kept raising and I had to earn more to keep my family happy.

I used to buy wholesale auto parts at a very cheap price and I used to sell them at discounted rate. Customers used to buy auto parts in my small shop. However, the customer base was very small. I wanted to increase my customer base and sales.

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I came up with the Idea to publish Ads with Adwords. Though I was not enthusiastic, I still thought it would be worth a try.  There was a nominal activation fee of $5usd.  I had to type in few words about my business. I did all the steps mentioned and was hoping to receive few positive responses from customers.

Initially there was no or very small response. After few days I got an enquiry from a retail dealer asking for a quotation for one of the spare parts. I gave him a reasonably low quote. Within two days we had finalized the deal and I had a good order in my hand. The dealer assured me of regular business every month if I would provide him the goods promptly and at competitive prices. I was excited with this new development in my business. I started working hard to achieve the business targets.

This did not stop here, I started getting enquires from people who clicked on my Adwords campaigns. My business almost doubled within few days. Now I have enough money to support my family and fulfill all their needs. Google Adwords helped me at the right time, when I needed it.


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  1. F@#$ adwords. They are as evil as the Nazis were. They destroy peoples lives and they will destroy yours. Don’t be a f@#$ douche.

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